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British Foreign Secretary Pays Historic Visit to Cuba

By Rebecca Bradbury   28 April 2016

Philip Hammond will be the first British Foreign Secretary to visit Cuba since 1959 when he arrives in the country today, signalling another move towards the emergence of the Caribbean island as an up-and-coming superyacht destination.  

Undertaking talks with the Cuban government, Mr Hammond hopes to connect with the country as it makes its way onto the world stage following years of isolation. Indeed, British companies are eager to secure contracts with the tourist, mining and agricultural sectors.

President Barack Obama also made a historic trip to Cuba last month, after decades of hostility between the United States and the island nation.

These revived relations are sure to increase demand among tourists hoping to visit Castro’s Cuba before it becomes affected by development and commercialisation. This includes superyacht charterers keen to explore the undiscovered cruising grounds of the island.

colourful vintage cars park in cuban streets lined with colonial architecture
A classic 1950s car cruises down Cuban street lined with colonial buildingscyclist rides along street in Cuban coastal town

Since the trade embargo was lifted by America in December 2014, there has been an influx of British tourists to the country where classic 1950s American cars crisscross city streets, horse and carts clatter through the countryside, and where billboards and fast food chains are yet to take hold.

A luxury yacht charter in Cuba can encompass coastlines of secluded beaches, azure waters rich in marine life, charming countryside towns and vibrant cities bursting with a unique mix of colonial Spanish architecture, Latin vibes and Caribbean rhythms.   

There is also the stunning 200-mile long Jardines del Rey archipelago, offering idyllic beaches, breath-taking natural beauty and spectacular wildlife.  

Cuban cigars and straw hatCoastline of Havana from the water
gorgeous white sand beach in Cuba

For further information on cruising in Cuba, speak to your preferred charter broker or take a look at all luxury yachts available to charter in Cuba.


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