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'Below Deck’ on Honor Yacht - New Bravo Superyacht Crew Reality Show

By Editorial Team   1 July 2013

The 50m (164’) luxury charter yacht ‘Honor’ is the setting of new Bravo reality series ‘Below Deck’ that follows the lives of crew and guests on board a five-week charter of the Caribbean.

The show has already been subject to some criticism, with many in the industry claiming it does not offer a true insight into luxury yacht chartering. The fact that the yacht was renamed ‘Honor’ (previously ‘Cuor di Leone’) and the crew of eight were given time off to be replaced by an all-American crew chosen by the executives goes some way to proving this.

Her Captain Rosbach and engineer are real however and remained on board to safely operate the charter yacht throughout the duration of filming. Many in the industry have questioned why they would have taken part in the show when it risks the reputation of ‘Honor’ as a charter yacht as well as exposing unprofessional behaviour of the crew. Yet with a reported $1,000,000 paid by Bravo, treated as a normal charter the Captain would have had to have made it work as he usually would.

‘Below Deck’ is the brain child of co-executive producer, Rebecca Taylor, who has been carrying around the idea since spending three summers working on charter yachts in New England during her college years. She describes the show as documenting when ‘upstairs and downstairs worlds collide’, revealing a young crew who live in a confined space not just with each-other but with their ‘wealthy, demanding charter guests’. 

Obviously, much of the drama and antics have been amplified for entertainment value but one thing that can be highlighted through the show is the long working hours of charter crew and the challenges they face in providing a personalised five-star service to each guest. Every episode features different charter guests, from millionaires, to entertainers to hard-partying well-heeled friends, each presenting their own specific demands for the crew to deal with.

By its very nature, the work that goes into preparing a luxury yacht like ‘Honor’ for charter, from doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing floors and washing the exterior to serving gourmet food and champagne is rarely seen in action. The yacht’s formidable chief stewardess Adrienne Gang, said she was glad viewers would get some insight into the yacht lifestyle and also realise how much work it is to be part of the yacht crew. Others members of the crew include Captain Aleks Taldykin, Chef Ben Robinson, David Bradberry, C.J. Lebeau, Eddie Lucas, Samantha Orme and Kat Hela.

For those who haven’t experienced and luxury yacht charter for themselves, it is advised that ‘Below Deck’ be taken with a pinch of salt. Unlike most luxury charter yachts, only three of the eight crew that took part in the documentary had previous experience and were no doubt chosen for their particularly extrovert personalities. All in all ‘Below Deck’ is just another reality show and while it may represent some situations negatively, should not be taken too seriously. If you are interested in chartering a luxury yacht similar to ‘Honor’ contact your nearest yacht charter broker.

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one thing that can be highlighted through the show is the long working hours of charter crew and the challenges they face

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