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Guide to Istanbul

The city of the world’s desire

Brimmed with indulgence and draped in traditions, Istanbul is a world of wonder. Steeped in ancient history, this sprawling metropolis is home to a plethora of traditional treasures, intriguing palaces and distinctive sights. Ripe for exploration, Istanbul boasts an abundance of historical remnants which echo with tales of a flamboyant past.

Spanning the lustrous Bosphorus strait, a slither of water between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Istanbul is the gateway between Asia and Europe. This wonderfully vibrant city is home to a wealth of colour and contrasts from Ottoman and Byzantine empires to streets laced with a glorious display of opulence.  Once known as Constantinople, this capital city of Turkey is home to some of the most alluring wonders in the world which are on continuous display.

Deemed as one of the most extraordinary places to visit, Istanbul is an excellent destination for yacht charters with fabulous cruising grounds and a myriad of hidden coves all to be explored from the decks of your superyacht. There is plenty to do and see here making for days upon days of invigorating sightseeing and the chance to meander on foot amongst the remnants of a bygone era. Admire the breathtaking beauty of the Topkapi Palace, the oldest and largest palace to survive to the modern day before gazing in awe at the astounding beauty of the Blue Mosque. Renowned as one of Istanbul’s most premier sights, this architectural masterpiece is simply unmissable.

Roam around the reputed Grand Bazaar where you will find gold jewellery, carpets, spices, textiles and ceramics but be prepared to haggle if you’re looking to make a purchase. Stroll across the bustling Galata Bridge and take in the awe-inspiring views or for an authentic Turkish experience, visit the Cagaloglu Baths before admiring the extraordinary Basilica Cistern. By night, follow the flocks of locals and explore the growing array of stylish bars, restaurants and clubs. Istanbul is a place to see and to be seen.

Turkish cuisine is a world unto its own with gastronomic delights offering a profusion of influences from Asian, Armenian and Mediterranean cultures. Be sure to remember that Turkey is a country of Muslims meaning you should dress appropriately depending on your location. Beach wear is fine for sun lounging on your sundeck or visiting the beaches but ensure to cover up when shopping or dining in local restaurants. When visiting Mosque’s, remember to remove shoes and women must wear a headscarf or shawl.

If you are interested in a yachting vacation in the waters surrounding this region, take a look at all luxury yachts available to rent in Turkey.

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