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Below are samples of luxury yacht charter itineraries for private crewed yachts which cover Indonesia. Please note that these itineraries are here to offer inspiration and give you a feel for the area and some of the best things to do whilst sailing there. A good yacht charter broker will be able to create a bespoke yacht vacation itinerary for you and your party, based on your own requirements as well as the type of yacht and time of year you wish to travel.

Explosive Alor – Exploring The Alor Archipelago

7 Days, from Maumere to Alor

Home to the frequently active Batu Tara volcano, the Alor archipelago is an exhilarating destination which appeals to many luxury charter yachts throughout the year. The combination of staggering wildlife and beautiful landscapes makes this location ideal for nature lovers, and those who love diving.

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Natural Indonesia – 10 Days Exploring Indonesia

10 Days, from Bali to Labuan Bajo

Indonesia is a country teeming with exciting wildlife and incredible backdrops which create an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Cruising through the waters in your chosen luxury charter yacht, you will see mother nature at her best as well as some quaint traditional villages wh...ich still capture the essence of culture and community. Starting off in Bali your dedicated crew will charter through various terrains and beauty spots to show you the very best of natural Indonesia. ...

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10 Days In Indonesia

10 Days, from Labuan Bajo to Sumba

Exploring the stunning waters of Indonesia, your luxury charter yacht will take you to see some of mother nature’s finest masterpieces. Native wildlife, picturesque coral gardens and long stretches of quiet beaches await you at every stop along your memorable tour as you see In...donesia for the beauty she is.

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Discovering Indonesia In 10 Days

10 Days, from Moyo Island to Labuan Bajo

In a country filled with staggering backdrops of incredible natural beauty, a cruise around the pristine waters of Indonesia is an idyllic break away that you will never forget. Meandering around stunning coastlines in your chosen luxury charter yacht you will enjoy the very bes...t of Indonesia including beautiful beaches, unrivalled panoramic views and wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. Starting off at Moyo Island you will have every opportunity to relax, play and indulge as you travel from island to island in the search of some of the most beautiful sights in this area of the world. ...

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Travelling Through Indonesia

18 Days, from Moyo Island to Labuan Bajo

When one week, or even two, are not enough for that once in a lifetime holiday you’ve always dreamed of, an 18 day trip through the stunning country of Indonesia could be just what you need. Cruising through all of the best sights that Indonesia has to offer, you will encounter... native creatures you won’t see anywhere else, active volcanos , hidden waterfalls and many more treats that mother nature has supplied. If a beach holiday is your idea of paradise there are plenty of private beaches waiting for you, complete with secluded coves for a bit of quiet time. On the other hand, if you love an adrenaline rush there are loads of opportunitites for you to bring out the jet skis and diving gear. ...

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7 Days In Raja Ampat

7 Days, from Sorong to Sorong

Raja Ampat sports some of the most stunning jungle locations in Indonesia. Towering limestone cliffs and treks through dense forestry mark some beautiful sights that cannot be captured anywhere else in the world. As you embark on your week long journey through Raja Ampat you w...ill encounter some impressive wildlife, see incredible coral gardens and dine under a magnificent carpet of stars.

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Discovering Cenderawasih Bay

7 Days, from Manokwari to Nabire

As the largest marine national park in Indonesia, a tour around Cenderawasih is an ideal trip for animal lovers and diving enthusiasts. Spending most of your week long trip in the crisp, cool waters of the national park you will encounter a great number of marine species and stu...nning coral displays, as well as some impressive shipwrecks.

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Tropical Beaches of Raja Ampat

12 Days, from Sorong to Sorong

During this 12 day luxury charter yacht tour you will see some of the most spectacular beaches and sites of natural beauty that Raja Ampat has to offer. Starting and finishing at Sorong, your dedicated crew will take you through beautiful stretches of water by limestone cliffs... and pristine beaches and anchor down at some stunning areas ideal for relaxation. If cruising at a relaxed pace through some of mother nature's finest is your idea of the perfect holiday, this is the trip of a lifetime you will never forget. ...

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Travelling Through Paradise - 12 Days In Raja Ampat

12 Days, from Java to Sorong

Paradise is easy to find when in Indonesia and on this trip you can enjoy the settings of luxury every single day. Starting off in the Menorah Hills in Java you will experience the peace and serenity of the hills and then progress to the waters to see miles of untouched coastlin...e. Dense jungles and flourishing coral reefs present bountiful amounts of native wildlife for you to meet, plus an endless list of possible dive sites to fulfil an exciting and adrenaline pumping past time. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let your crew take you to paradise. ...

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Exploring The Majesties Of Indonesia

1 Days, from Ambon to Sorong

Settled in the closest region to West Papua, Raja Ampat and the Banda Islands offer you a spectacular look at the world. Incredible natural jungles, undisturbed islands and furious looking volcanos are just some of the terrains you can explore on this 12 day itinerary. Mixed in ...with once in a lifetime experiences with some of the native wildlife, you will wonder why you have never been to this area before. Starting off in Ambon you will cruise by volcanic islands and others which are completely uninhabited. There are stretches of long white sandy beaches to rest on and miles upon miles of open waters to unleash your water sports toys. Pack up and get ready, this is a two week trip that will keep you busy. ...

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