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Guide to Frænfjorden

A tranquil pocket of Norwegian culture

Slicing into the Fræna municipality of western Norway is Frænfjorden, a strikingly beautiful fjord region boasting many small coastal villages and islands along its 12km length. An area such as this is ideal for adventurous yacht charter vacationists who are looking to immerse themselves in the stunning natural environment, whilst exploring uninhabited islands and traditional coastal villages along the way.

The area offers plenty of places to seek out; many of them affording insight into simple local life on the Scandinavian coast, and little in the way of tourist infrastructure. The hub of Fræna is the town of Elnesvågen, a delightful, lesser-known place to visit which has an other-worldly feel and the opportunity to see something truly unique. The Trollkirka or ‘Troll Church’ is not what the name may suggest, but rather an impressive marble and limestone cave nestled deep in the mountains. The trail to the cave takes around an hour and a half, leading you to an underground waterfall cascading down into a white marble bowl. Nearby to this is also Trollvatnet lake, where you can take a swim if the weather permits, before heading back to town. town

Elnesvågen not only has mystical underground waterfalls and caves, but also a majestic mountainous landscape. For a short but incredibly rewarding hike, you should walk to the summit of one of the most prominent mountains in the area, Jendemsfjellet. From the top, you’ll marvel at the panoramic view across Frænfjorden and beyond to the vast ocean. 

With bare and untouched rugged landscapes, the Islets of Ona are a rare opportunity to see an offshore Norwegian fishing community going about their daily life. With a population of around 25 people, you can visit these tiny islands and also the picturesque lighthouse. If you’d prefer to join others on a day trip to this stunning pocket of the world, you can arrange to take the trip from Molde, which is south around the peninsula from Elnesvågen.

Ergan Fort is a restored German fort dating from World War II, and is a pristine example of the historical layout and typical usage that would have occurred at the time. There are many interesting displays and the preservation of the items held there, and of the bunker itself, is impressive. Its prime location hunkering on the headland affords it a spectacular view of the Hustadvika Bay and the shipping lanes to Alesund and Molde. 

The small coastal town of Molde is a must-visit in the Frænfjorden region and dates back to the Middle Ages. It is known as the ‘City of Roses’, thanks to its stunning blooming roses in the summer and here you’ll find various distinguished experiences to enjoy. Particularly Romsdalmuseet, an open-air museum which features around 50 old buildings, ranging from barns, storehouses, farms, and even an old reconstructed chapel. All were brought to the site and rebuilt in situ. The museum grounds are fairly large, and you can spend a decent amount of time here wandering around soaking up the history and architecture of the Scandinavian buildings. One of the townhouses functions as a summertime café, which is the perfect spot to take a break. 

For the best food in Molde, make reservations to eat at Glass. It’s the most popular waterfront place to eat in the town, and has a real cosmopolitan vibe which contrasts starkly with its coastal town environment. The interior offers chrome furniture, huge glass windows and contemporary music, whilst you enjoy a menu bursting with the mouth-watering flavours of Italy.

There is only one marina in Frænfjorden, which can be found in Molde. This can accommodate vessels of a maximum length 60m and features a restaurant on site. If you are looking to explore this beautiful region of Norway with your friends and family as part of your itinerary, you can compare all charter yachts in Norway

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Reasons to Visit

Countless cultural landmarks
Explore the fishing village of Ona
Trek up the Norwegian mountains of Jendemsfjellet and Trolkirka

Good For

  • Nature
  • Anchorage
  • Mountains

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