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Guide to Alesund

The most beguiling city in Norway

Amid the fjords and mountains of Norway’s north-west coast sits the picturesque town of Ålesund. Perched on a series of islets overlooked by the impressive Sunnmøre Alps, the town glitters as stippled sunlight reflects off the surrounding water.

If you’re dreaming of a quintessential Norwegian yacht charter experience, you’d be remiss to skip a visit to Ålesund. The fairytale-like town is the epitome of Scandinavian charm, with an exuberance of architecture, culture and scenic opulence waiting to captivate you.

After a fire destroyed the city in 1904, everything had to be rebuilt, and the Art Nouveau architecture you’ll see as you wander the cobbled streets is the result. For a stunning panoramic view of the town’s colourful townhouses and the archipelago they’re sited on, start at the Town Park and walk the 418 steps up to the famous Fjellstua viewpoint on Mount Aksla. Afterwards, descend the mountain and take some time to amble through the quaint harbour, home to one of Europe’s largest fishing fleets. The fishermen are friendly and will more than likely suggest you sample their spoils. If you like what you taste, buy some fresh fish and take it back to your yacht chef, who will be able to prepare a mouthwatering meal for you and your charter party to enjoy. 

If you’re itching to take to the glistening waters surrounding this stunning town, then a visit to the bird sanctuary island of Runde is a must-see. A protected site cresting the rough ocean waters in Herøy Municipality, the island has the widest variety of sea bird species in Scandinavia nesting on the southernmost cliffs in Norway. To continue cruising the Norwegian Sea, you could also pay a visit to the islands comprising Giske municipality. The islands lie in a remarkably unique coastal region, and each has its own majestic charm offering a myriad of insights into early history of the area.

Nearby to Giske is the legendary UNESCO protected site of Geirangerfjord. Surrounded by almost vertical mountain peaks, majestic waterfalls carve through the rock past flourishing flora, and into the dark blue waters below. Tales of trolls, faeries and Vikings are conjured as you float through the ethereal beauty hanging in the air, and the unbelievable magnificence of what’s in front of you will fill you with wonder. It’s truly a place unlike any other in the world and an unforgettable cruising ground.

Due to Ålesund’s smaller size, there is one guest marina in the heart of the city called Brosundet, located in Ålesund’s main port area, but there are also other marinas located outside of the city. You’ll find most moorings for visitors are on the pontoons at the southern end of the inner harbour, which is reached via the entrance on the northern side of the island. So, with everything you need to perfect your trip to this breathtaking portion of Norway, begin planning your luxury Norway yacht charter trip and compare what’s available on the market.

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Reasons to Visit

Climb the 418 steps to the hilltop viewpoint
Explore ancient islands
Cruise UNESCO-protected fjords
Admire the quaint architecture
Dine in incredible restaurants

Good For

  • Monuments
  • Nature
  • Mountains

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Northern Lights

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BRO Ålesund

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