The Superyacht Challenge, Antigua 2014

Nelson's Dockyard, AntiguaNelson's Dockyard, Antigua

2014-01-242014-01-2624th - 26th Jan 2014

By Editorial Team

2014 will see another stint of competition and racing as the 2014 Superyacht Challenge takes place once more in Nelson's Dockyard.

The Superyacht Challenge guarantees fair racing and friendly competition to all who attend and is a fantastic way to begin the Caribbean season. Nelson's Dockyard provides the perfect backdrop for the event, allowing all visitors to soak up the atmosphere and make the most of the local hospitality and the famous Superyacht Challenge parties that take place alongside the racing.

By limiting their numbers to just 12-15 yachts, dependent on the type of yacht, and by following the 'Bucket Rating' system, the Challenge allows for close and thrilling racing across the Caribbean waters. The event also, rather unusually, has no sponsorship in a bid to ensure the race is held only for the enjoyment of the participants and not to satisfy any other interests.

The 2013 Superyacht Challenge saw a few changes, with four races scheduled over the three days, while the social events were held on shore and hosted by the Admiral's Inn in English Harbour. It is yet to be announced as to whether there will be any further changes for the 2014 regatta.

The event also, rather unusually, has no sponsorship in a bid to ensure the race is held only for the enjoyment of the participants and not to to satisfy any other interests.


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