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Why You Have To Experience A Luxury Yacht Charter In The Mergui Archipelago

By Editorial Team   Last Updated: 31 May 2023

Totally sequestered and home to more than eight hundred naturally preserved islands, the Mergui Archipelago is unquestionably one of the finest charter destinations in Myanmar.

With its rainforest-clad mountain ranges fringed by flawless white sand beaches, the Mergui Archipelago is in many respects the postcard image of an exotic paradise.

Far from the tourist trail, the remote islands in the Andaman Sea have only recently become accessible to charterers thanks to a series of encouraging government treaties.

Acquiring a somewhat romantic significance amongst discerning travelers in this short time, the plentiful marine life and cobalt blue waters make Mergui a strong alternative to similar winter charter grounds in Southeast Asia.

There is, however, much more than meets the eye about Mergui, and to see it best, you’ll want to be on board a superyacht charter.

The Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea
A secluded beach in the Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea
A manta ray flying over a colorful reef in the Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea

With motor yachts and sailing yachts welcome in the months between October and April, visitors to Mergui are able to comfortably explore the 10,000 square miles of islands outside of monsoon season.

Sparsely populated, charterers are able to spend their days meandering along stretches of coast with only the company of their party and the tropical birds flying overhead. For those keen on discovering the interior of the islands, there’s every chance they’ll encounter one of the photo-friendly macaque monkeys.

The Mergui archipelago is also perfect for getting the most out of the treats stored away in the tender garage. Indeed, with colorful coral reefs lining the islets, there’s no better excuse to get out on a kayak or enjoy the diving and scuba equipment on offer.

When it comes to island-hopping, charterers can also expect the accompaniment of curious dolphins leaping between the bow waves.

As a jewel in the crown of Myanmar, a yacht charter vacation in the Mergui archipelago is an all but unmissable experience

A secluded beach in the Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea

What truly sets Mergui apart from other winter charter destinations, however, is the relative youth of its vast cruising grounds. Untouched by industry and commercialisation, the archipelago is a haven in the truest sense of the word.

Sparsely populated by historic fishing communities, the largely undisturbed landscape perfectly reflects the unbridled freedom which we commonly associated with yacht charter vacations. As well as providing a wide range of options out on the water, such surroundings also form a perfect backdrop for the times spent on board.

The local culture of Mergui isn’t to be ignored, either, and time spent on the islands inhabited by the Moken tribe is sure to be as edifying as it is relaxing. Indigenous to the islands, the tribe have been known to exchange whisky for photographs taken by charterers.

Whether the Mokens’ claims that the Mergui islands separated from the mainland following a mythological flood are true or not, there’s no doubt that the way of life from Christie Island to Mali Kyun is one of exceptional refinement.

A pair of cuttlefish in the Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea
A lady on a kayak in the mangroves in the Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea
Snorkelers in the Mergui Archipelago on the Andaman Sea

Ultimately, a luxury yacht charter in the Mergui archipelago promises to be an unforgettable and highly unique experience.

In order to find out more regarding the yachts available in this region, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

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