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Top 10 secluded beaches to visit on your next Italy yacht charter

By Steph Loseby   16 May 2023

Graced with 5,000 miles of coastline, electric blue water and sun-drenched villages, it is no surprise that the Italian coastline has long been a magnet for the world’s VIP travelers. Stepping off the tourist trail and onto your luxury charter yacht, you will begin to discover an abundance of stunning and secluded gems that only the locals know about, making your Italy yacht charter vacation one to remember.

Ask any Italian and they will - no doubt - have a favorite beach, one that will often be found off the beaten track and sewn into the fabric of their family traditions. One of the best parts about a yacht rental vacation in Italy is experiencing the tranquil beauty of this region’s breathtaking beaches, soaking up the sunshine in total comfort, privacy and luxury. 

From the sparkling blue waters in Sicily to the strikingly beautiful beaches dotted along the Amalfi Coast, in this article, we present ten of Italy’s best-secluded beaches that are waiting to be explored, all of which you could visit on your next yacht charter in the Mediterranean

1. Spiaggia di Frontone, Ponza Island

A small strip of pebbly sand fronting pristine waters, Spiaggia di Frontone is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Situated on the northwest of the idyllic island of Ponza, the beach is scented with sea breezes and citrus fruits, creating a blissful setting for you to drop anchor and swim into the Pilate’s Grottoes, a series of enchanting, underwater caves. 

At lunchtime, follow the path up into the rocks and you'll find the Associazione Culturale Cala Frontone, a quaint casual little trattoria serving seasonal, rustic dishes such as fried courgette flowers and octopus with black pepper potatoes.

Spiaggia di Frontone Beach, ponza island

2. Cala Mariolu, Sardinia

For those embarking on an Italy yacht charter vacation, Cala Mariolu in Sardinia is an absolute must-visit destination. Blessed with the accolade of being one of Italy’s most beautiful beaches, as you approach Cala Mariolu's pristine shores the captivating sight of turquoise waters and dramatic limestone formations will quite literally take your breath away. Other than a long and arduous hike from inland, the only way of reaching Cala Mariolu is by sea, so you can expect the beach to be like your very own little slice of paradise.

Located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, Cala Mariolu is set in an isolated little cove towards the southern end of the Gulf of Orosei – or Golfo di Orosei to the locals. An idyllic beach, just 60km long, charter guests can simply drop anchor, take a tender ashore and while away the day in this blissful sandy strip. 

3. Cala Luna, Sardinia

Situated in close proximity to Cala Mariolu beach, Cala Luna offers charter guests the opportunity to enjoy some of the best snorkeling in Italy. Famed for its immediately enticing stretch of golden sand, towering limestone cliffs and favorable opal waters, this beach allows you to relish the feeling of exclusivity and seclusion as you soak up the warm sunshine and spectacular scenery. 

One of the highlights of Cala Luna is the Grotta del Bue Marino (Cave of the Monk Seal). This enchanting cave is accessible from the beach and offers a fascinating exploration opportunity as you discover the various stalactites, stalagmites, and ancient rock art. 

4. Bidderosa Beach, Sardinia

The perfect spot if you desire privacy, stillness and solitude, Bidderosa Beach is situated within the Bidderosa Nature Reserve, northeast of Orosei, Sardinia. The natural setting that surrounds adds to the allure of the protected beach, creating a serene and picturesque environment for you and your charter party to enjoy. 

Listen to the gentle lull of the water that is guaranteed to transport you into a state of relaxation. The beach is dotted with secluded coves covered with juniper, pinewood and eucalyptus trees growing close by. For nature and beachcombing lovers, this is the perfect place to kick back and soak up the beauty of one of Sardinia’s very best beaches. 

5. Macarro Beach, Basilicata

A picture-perfect paradise, Macarro Beach is a totally unique bay that is virtually unknown to tourists. Situated in Basilicata, a region in southern Italy renowned for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches, the stunning black sands and deep blue sparkling waters of Macarro Beach come together to create a picturesque little bay overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Perfect for those who enjoy a spot of snorkeling and swimming in tranquil waters, this bay is ideal for those who wish to sunbathe, explore and enjoy beautiful vistas from the privacy and comfort of their private yacht charter.

Amazing landscape of Maccaro Beach, Basilicata. Italy

6. Riserva Dello Zingaro, Sicily

A unique coastal gem situated on the northwest coast of Sicily, Riserva Dello Zingaro ranks among the very best beaches in Sicily. Boasting crystalline waters, immaculate scenery and a secluded spot to enjoy some snorkeling, this bay is a protected nature reserve that showcases the raw beauty of Sicily's coastline.

The reserve is home to diverse flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Not only this, adventure enthusiasts among your charter party can embark on the well-marked hiking trails from the beach that meander along the coastline and through its pristine landscapes. Along the trails, you'll encounter breathtaking viewpoints, some more hidden beaches, and a variety of wildlife.

7. Capo Vaticano, Calabria

This region of Italy is still way under the radar for most tourists, but locals know that the area is home to some of the very best beaches in the country. At Capo Vaticano, you will find the most exquisite stretch of golden sand sitting within an arc of high cliffs. In a world of its own, this beach offers the ideal spot for a beach barbeque or a secluded dip in turquoise waters.

ariel shot of white sands and crystal clear blue waters at Capo Vaticano beach, Calabria
ariel view of Capo Vaticano, CalabriaCapo Vaticano beach, Calabria

8. Dino Island, Praia a Mare, Calabria

Located just off the coast of Praia a Mare in Calabria, Dino Island is a picturesque isle famous for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and stunning sea caves, making it a must-visit destination for those on an Italy yacht charter.

The perfect place to unwind and appreciate the peaceful ambiance of your surroundings, Dino island is instantly inviting. The waters surrounding Dino Island are teeming with marine life, making it the perfect place to explore the underwater world, where you may encounter a variety of vibrant fish and sea turtles. 

Dino Island, aerial view, island and landing, Praia a Mare, Cosenza Province, Calabria, Italy

9. Tiordigliano Beach, Amalfi Coast

Situated near the beautiful town of Positano, Tiordigliano Beach is a hidden gem nestled along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Offering a serene and secluded hotspot for those on a Italy yacht charter vacation to enjoy pristine turquoise waters, away from the crowds. With no restaurants or beach clubs in sight, it provides a private and intimate beach experience where you can unwind in private luxury. 

The beach is surrounded by lush greenery and rugged cliffs, creating a picturesque backdrop for your yacht charter memories as you enjoy the unspoiled beauty of this secluded Italian bay.

10. San Fruttoso, Liguria

This rocky beach not far from Portofino is - like many of its best Italian counterparts - only reachable on foot or by boat. Full of hidden treasures, the beach is worth the trip for countless reasons. Not only is it home to one of Italy’s most beautiful abbeys, but the area also has some pretty divine beach restaurants to try if you have the time. 

Keen snorkelers and swimmers will enjoy the glossy blue sea, and if you fancy the adventure, you could catch a glimpse of the submerged Christ of the Abyss statue raising its arms to the sun.

Tempted to book an Italy yacht charter vacation this year? If you would like to incorporate any of these secluded beaches into your cruising itinerary, please speak with your preferred yacht charter broker to start planning your dream yachting vacation. 

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