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The Secret is Out: Turkey Is The True Discovery Charter Option

By Oliver Pearson   Last Updated: 18 April 2023

Unlike any other luxury charter destination, Turkey offers its visitors an unparalleled discovery experience. From hidden beaches to secret islands, there’s always something to discover when you’re cruising its beautiful waters.

With an abundance of cruising grounds to choose from, Turkey has fast become the destination of choice for discerning travelers looking for unspoilt beaches, rich history and fascinating culture, making it one of the most popular hotpots in the East Mediterranean.

Minaret skyline in Turkey at dusk reflected in the still water
Gulets anchored in a marina in Turkey at night against a beautiful dark blue skyThe cosmopolitan city of Istanbul in Turkey at sunset

Bordering Greece, Turkey’s cruising grounds are within reachable distance of Rhodes, and with a finely balanced blend of Eastern and Western influences, Turkey has all the qualities necessary for an exceptional charter vacation.

What Exactly Sets Turkey Apart?

A gulet anchored in blue waters opposite a steep hill nestled with houses leading down to a medieval fortress
View over a medieval town in Turkey
Colorful flowerpots hang outside whitewashed houses in a narrow alleyway in Turkey
Fethiye beach and islands in Turkey

Often destinations sell themselves on being ‘unexplored’, offering ’the opportunity for discovery’ and ’the total freedom from crowded and spoilt tourist spots’. Whilst this is true of many chartering options, it is Turkey which comes closest to epitomising this ideal. Its bays have a picturesque calm, its ruins are a testament to its ancient and varied history, and its ’secret islands’ really are as esoteric as they claim to be.  

With its anchorages and islands being within comfortable distance of one another, the next ruin or restaurant is only ever a short cruise away. Of course, with the rich range of views on offer from the deck, you’ll be more than happy on board.  

Should you be inclined to experience the destination in the most authentic way possible, be sure to take a look at all of the traditional luxury gulets available for charter.

Discover Turkey's Rich History

Ancient stone artefacts in Turkey
Amphitheatre in Turkey

Unblemished by high rises and bustling bars, Bozcaada makes for the perfect start to a charter vacation. This small island - only 15 square miles long - is home to Turkey’s best preserved castles, historic streets and beautiful floral life. Its crowning feature is without doubt the red wine it has spent literally centuries refining. By making a point to visit the tasting rooms of Corvus and Talay, visitors are able to begin sampling Turkey’s rich history and culture in the most suitable of environments.   

Exploring Turkey’s many ruins is an experience which no museum could hope to rival. Easily accessible sites like St Nicholas Island and Kekova give considerable insight into the architecture and history of the Ottoman and Roman empires.

Fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities

A scuba diver among coral reef with lionfish

Like everything else about it, Turkey doesn’t compromise when it comes to its diving options. With Gökçeada frequently appearing on prestigious diving guides, visitors have the opportunity to explore waters of international renown off an island with a visible history as fascinating as anywhere else in the world.

Giving its neighbouring Mediterranean countries a real run for its money, it’s only a matter of time before Turkey takes its rightful place on the world stage of chartering destinations. If it’s discovery that you’re after, you’ll be sure to find it all here.

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