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The culture of Capri: the must-see attractions on a private yacht charter

By Katia Damborsky   Last Updated: 14 February 2022

While enjoying a luxury Amalfi Coast yacht charter, make sure you stop off on the island of Capri for a dose of culture, history and nature. 

Italy is renowned for its fascinating history and rich culture, and the Campania region has been particularly influenced by the reign of the Roman Empire and the birth of the Renaissance.

In the heart of Campania, the Amalfi Coast offers no shortage of upscale restaurants, chic beach clubs and luxury shopping opportunities; but when it comes to culture, Capri is certainly the best place to visit.

Yacht-goers looking for some insight into Italy will find it in Capri. The picturesque island is home to plenty of history-steeped buildings, cultural sites and natural wonders for you to enjoy as part of a crewed yacht charter vacation.

Discover our hand-picked selection of the best things to see and do on an Amalfi Coast superyacht vacation which includes Capri. 

Explore the gardens of Villa San Michele

Flowers and plants in the gardens of Villa San Michele on the island of Capri

Hugging the hills of Anacapri, Villa San Michele stands proud against the backdrop of the Gulf of Naples and the pitted peak of Mount Vesuvius in the distance. The central villa plays host to a museum of ancient art and sculptures, which includes a bust of Emperor Tiberius and an Egyptian Sphynx crouched on a podium overlooking the ocean.

Shrouded in the heady scent of cypress pine, myrtle blossoms and citrus fruits, the gardens of Villa San Michele are home to hundreds of species of Mediterranean plants and flowers. Dotted through them are shining examples of Roman architecture, from marble pillars supporting an elegant collonade to a trellis-covered pergola dripping in ivy. 

Yacht-goers wishing to visit the Villa can take a cab from the Grande Marina, which will take between fifteen and twenty minutes. The option to visit on foot is also available, with the journey taking around forty minutes and snaking up the famous Phoenician’s steps.

Experience the wonder of the Blue Grotto

Boats on the water in Capri's Blue Grotto
Entrance to Blue Grotto in CapriEntrance to the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

Tucked into the cliffs on the north-western side of the island is the Blue Grotto, or Grotto Azura. This natural wonder gets its name from the dazzlingly blue Tyrrhenian seawater that fills up the inside of the cave, giving it the impression of being illuminated. 

The phenomenon occurs due to reflected sunlight that filters through the water from outside, creating a truly mesmerising sight that should be high on anyone’s yacht charter itinerary. What’s more, the semi-submerged cave is only accessible by boat, making it the ideal activity for those chartering a luxury yacht.

Admire the architecture of Villa Lysis

Sitting in the cliffs of Capri, the palazzo of Villa Lysis takes its architectural cues from a number of different styles. Neoclassical decadence is the most prevalent theme, with nods to the romance and grandeur of Art Nouveau contributing to its timeless and elegant setting. 

The building’s beauty is offset by panoramic views over the Gulf of Naples and Marina Grande, which is a short walk from the villa. The grounds are peppered with delicate statues, sweeping terraces and an intimate portisco complete with ionic columns. 

The villa itself is a lofty building, where visitors can escape the midday heat of Italy and browse the immaculately-maintained interiors of the villa. It boasts ground-floor rooms outfitted in blue majolica and white ceramic and a basement smoking den which embodies signature Oriental themes. 

Take in the views from Monte Solaro

The peak of Monte Solaro boasts the highest point of elevation on the island of Capri, promising some spectacular views over the landscape and the ocean. Ensure you visit on a clear day, and you’ll no doubt be able to see your charter yacht out at anchor in the bay. 

A chairlift is on hand to transport guests to the summit of the mountain, where there is a small cafe and seating area for drinking in the views of the Gulf of Salerno and enjoying some fresh Neopolitan gelato.

Sail through the Faraglioni

Lemons on a tree in the frame of a shot of the Faraglioni rock formation off the coast of Capri

While cruising around Capri, yacht-goers would be remiss not to take a closer look at the iconic arches of Il Faraglioni, which rise up out of the water and tower on the south side of the island. 

Legend has it that you if you kiss your loved one while sailing below the arches, your love will be true forever. If you’re undertaking a romantic honeymoon charter, be sure to add this to your itinerary.

Discover the palace of Villa Jovis

Remains of Villa Jovis in ItalyWalls and trees on the border of Villa Jovis in Capri
Statue on podium in Villa Jovis

Once an ornate Emperor’s palace, Villa Jovis now lies mostly in ruins. Craggy walls carve out the main site where the building once stood, on a hillside elevation that looms over Capri. Many of the building’s rooms and corridors are still in tact, allowing visitors to get a closer look at this settlement which dates back to 27 AD.

From the situation of Villa Jovis, visitors will be able to look out straight across the water to the Amalfi Coast. The villa is set just a few kilometers from Villa Lysis, and visiting this pair makes a great way to spend an afternoon. 

Walk through Via Krupp and the Gardens of Augustus

Lovely path in Capri overlooking the Mediterranean sea
Statue in gardens of Augustus
Beautiful forget-me-nots in the Garden of Augustus in Capri

Keen hikers will enjoy walking the trail of Via Krupp, a historic switchback paved footpath which connects the Charterhouse of San Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus with Marina Piccola. 

The path covers an elevation of around 100 feet, and walkers will be rewarded by the natural beauty and sweet scents of the Gardens of Augustus. 

If you are interested in discovering what these landmarks have to offer and would like to incorporate them into your itinerary, please speak with your prefered yacht charter broker

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