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The best alternative winter charter destinations for a superyacht vacation

By Katia Damborsky   Last Updated: 18 April 2023

For many charterers, the idyllic islands of the Caribbean are the go-to destination for balmy climes and sun-drenched beaches. But with so many other blissful locations around the globe, now is the time to discover the newest destinations on the winter charter itinerary to visit via superyacht.

As the Mediterranean summer season draws to a close, charter yachts are increasingly broadening their horizons and heading to a host of new destinations for winter.

Promising a truly memorable experience in some of the most untouched and breathtaking regions of the world, here are a handful of superyacht destinations which have been on the rise recently.


Scattered like jewels around the South Pacific ocean, Tahiti and the other 117 islands which make up French Polynesia offer a slice of heaven on earth. In recent years, superyachts have been making a beeline for the archipelagos so that charter guests can explore their ethereal beauty and other-worldly charm for themselves.

If you choose to charter here this winter, you will be blown away by the picture-perfect garden of Eden landscapes, jungle-coated islands lapped by crystalline oceans and long swathes of powder-sand beaches in shades of white, black and dusky pink. Shallow, sandy reefs give way to clear, aquamarine lagoons, and translucent rivers snake into pools fed by thundering waterfalls further inland, offering incredible views if you choose to hike across the terrain.

Encircling the islands, thriving coral gardens give you the opportunity to see mesmerizing marine life up close. Perfectly primed for scuba diving or snorkeling, charter guests can discover kaleidoscopic fish darting between the coral or get up close to reef sharks idling the shallows.


Peaceful beach in Mexico

Just north of the Caribbean, Mexico boasts similarly warm and sunny climes married with an infusion of colourful culture and vibrant festivities. Charter guests will find the tail end of the winter season is the best time to visit, and those heading to the Sea of Cortez can expect to discover a captivating blend of buzzing coastlines and secluded bays fringed by sun-baked beaches.

Crowned one of the best dive sites in the world, the enormous spectrum of sea creatures is sure to delight guests on a private yacht charter. Turtles, seals and sharks are among Mexico’s ocean-dwelling residents and arrangements can be made to get up close and personal with all of them. Whales can also be found in certain areas, and nothing will prove more memorable than seeing a pod of humpbacks gliding over the waves.

Those heading to Mexico can expect to find a captivating blend of buzzing coastlines and secluded bays fringed by sun-baked beaches.

Stepping on shore, tropical forests flourish alongside desert plains and ancient Mayan ruins are peppered across the landscape. Visiting the elaborate temples and the remains of their civilisations will be a truly eye-opening experience for any charter guest in the mood for a dose of history and culture.

With plenty of metropolitan cities offering world-class eateries, luxury spas and boutique shops, there will be something for every member of the charter party to enjoy in this dazzling region. 

The Seychelles

The epitome of tropical paradise, the Seychelles is a chain of 115 islands set against the sapphire blue Indian Ocean, just 2,360 km outside of Africa. Increasingly, charter guests are keen to explore the region and its raw natural beauty, which offers up sun-scorched beaches and verdant landscapes with a burst of rich culture.

With a wealth of secluded coves and remote beaches, guests will find endless opportunities to anchor and enjoy basking in the sun from the comfort of their superyacht. Should they wish to cool off in the sea, they can explore the coral reefs carpeting the seabed and see exotic marine creatures up close. Among the islands' indigenous species are whale sharks - and the Seychelles is one of the rare charter destinations in the world that allows visitors to swim alongside these gentle giants.

On shore, the lush jungles are home to 238 species of birds, flying foxes and the archipelago's native giant tortoises. Take a hike across the terrain and soak up the natural wonders for yourself, from the jurassic forests to the granite boulders rising up from the ivory sand.


Beautiful view of Lapopu Waterfall in Sumba Island, Indonesia
Wooden boats floating in Thailand
Wildlife in Thai rainforest

Head east to discover the majesty of Indonesia this winter. Increasingly popular on account of the region’s strong sense of culture, history-steeped cities and resplendent cruising grounds, there are more luxury charter yachts in Indonesia than ever before, signalling an excellent opportunity to explore this hidden gem.

For those keen to explore below the surface of the sea, Indonesia’s dive sites are world renowned and offer a magical experience whether you’re new to scuba diving or a seasoned pro. There’s plenty to see above the water too, with orangutans swinging between trees and tigers roaming freely on the island of Sumatran. Lucky charter guests might also spot the bug-eyed face of a tarsier hiding in the foliage.

Indonesia is becoming increasingly popular on account of the strong sense of culture, history-steeped cities and resplendent cruising grounds.

The Raja Ampat archipelago is becoming one of the most popular spots for superyachts to visit, on account of the pristine beaches, emerald-green landscapes and wealth of secluded inlets. Not far away lies the mystical island of Komodo, home to the eponymous dragons, where guests will see sparkling seas, striking scenery and a get a taste for the local lifestyle. The island’s hilly crests make the ideal spot for a hike, and the summits will provide captivating views over the surroundings.

Thanks to the region's longstanding marine history, South East Asia is populated by luxury charter yachts which have been shaped to help discover the many attractive destinations which are reachable only by water. 

Yacht cruising in turquoise waters

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