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7 of the best beaches in the Virgin Islands

By Rebecca Bradbury   Last Updated: 31 March 2023

From brilliant blue bays backed by soaring mountain peaks to long stretches of soft, white sand located in national parks, the beaches of the Virgin Islands are some of the finest in the world and beg to be explored by luxury yacht. 

With such a dazzling array of beaches in the Virgin Islands, it’s easy to anchor at a different one each day and never get bored - the hard part will be deciding which ones to visit on your time-limited yacht charter.

To help out, our experts have rounded up seven of the best beaches in the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands which are perfect for dropping by when on a yachting vacation. 

Lindquist Beach, St Thomas

Secluded Lindquist Beach

Accessible only by boat or an unmarked dirt road, Lindquist Beach on St Thomas island is one of the best-kept secrets in the US Virgin Islands. A stretch of powdery white sand fringed by luminous blue water, the secluded beach offers an idyllic retreat for all-day relaxation and remains part of a protected 21-acre area called Smith Bay Park. Reefs on both ends of the shore overflow with tropical fish, providing an excellent opportunity for charterers to try out their superyacht's snorkelling and scuba diving gear.

Deadman's Bay, Peter Island

Deadmans Bay sun-loungers and palm tree

Palm tree-lined Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands is a mile-long crescent of pure perfection. According to legend, the beach was named after a group of pirates who washed up on its shores after being marooned on neighbouring Dead Chest Island.

A popular anchorage lies nearby making it easily accessible to superyacht-goers, and the waters are well-suited to watersports. Plus, sea turtles can sometimes be spotted in the seagrass beds.

Apple Bay Beach, Tortola

surfing at Apple Bay Beach

A surfer’s paradise can be found on Apple Bay Beach in west Tortola. Offering some of the best waves in the Caribbean, the conditions are perfect for beginners and pros alike. The pretty white sandy beach is also home to the popular surfer’s hangout Bombas Surfside Shack, renowned for its full moon parties while local residents host Friday night fish fires under the banyon trees.

Savannah Bay Beach, Virgin Gorda

Aerial view of Savannah Bay Beach

A long, curving sweep of sand known as Savannah Bay Beach lies to the north of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour in the BVI. This unspoilt patch of beautiful beach is often deserted which is surprising given its good looks and spectacular sunsets. 

The bay also provides picturesque daytime anchorages for superyachts and can be reached via Blowing Point’s southern entrance.

Honeymoon Beach, St John

Yachts anchored at Honeymoon Beach

Most beaches in St John in the US Virgin Islands offer an unrivalled level of peace and serenity, but for the ultimate idyllic escape pay a visit to Honeymoon Beach. For those on the island, the beach can only be reached by a hike through the jungle, meaning yacht-goers often arrive to find the palm tree-lined shore deserted.

Trunk Bay, St John

Trunk Bay, St John

Another unmissable site on St John island is Trunk Bay. With its pure white sand and border of lush foliage, the bay regularly ranks as one of the world's top 10 beaches. Unfortunately, its beauty has not gone amiss among the tourists who flock here during the day. However, charterers who anchor off the coast overnight and rise early can have the scenic spot all to themselves. Snorkellers shouldn't leave without checking out the underwater trail of coral and other marine life.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

The Baths Virgin Islands

A round-up of the best beaches in the Virgin Islands wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Baths, a collection of volcanic boulders strewn across a small bay on Virgin Gorda’s north shores. It’s certainly not a secret locale as many visitors come each day to explore the sheltered sea pools and secret grottos, but its dramatic looks hold much appeal and it is a must-see site when in the region. For a similar but far less crowded experience, try out Spring Bay to the north.

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