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5 reasons why you have to charter a superyacht in the Seychelles

By Editorial Team   Last Updated: 19 May 2023

A Seychelles superyacht charter beckons guests with its awe-inspiring beauty. Home to a collection of picture-perfect islands and irresistible mainland attractions, Seychelles offers a range of unique experiences to those visiting as part of a private yacht rental vacation.

Embodying everything which makes the Indian Ocean so desirable, a Seychelles luxury yacht charter certainly doesn't disappoint for discerning guests keen to experience something slightly different during the winter.

With plenty of motor yachts and sailing yachts which cruise the exceptional waters which surround the 115 islands on offer, yacht charter guests can enjoy heavenly anchorages at every turn.

In this article, we look at 5 key reasons why the Seychelles are a fantastic superyacht charter destination.

1. Tranquil cruising grounds for charters

As a charter destination which has only recently acquired state-of-the-art marinas and government support, the Seychelles offers something totally fresh to even the most seasoned of travellers.

With new experiences to be had on the water as well as on land, Seychelles charter guests can choose to enjoy tranquil cruising grounds or immerse themselves in the thriving island life found on Mahe and La Digue.

Of course, there is also a host of new cuisine to try, with outstanding fine dining and local restaurants to be found throughout the region.

With so many new things to see and do, the Seychelles make for a perfect charter destination

Appealing to the adventurous as well as those who just like to kick back, the Seychelles is the ideal place to try out any water toys stored away in your superyacht.

The expansive and private waters are also home to numerous dive spots, with many accessible to divers of all abilities.

Of course, the inviting climate of the Indian Ocean means that those who prefer to simply sunbathe will be able to do so in supreme comfort.

2. Heavenly island-hopping

Aerial view of Seychelles

With 115 islands to visit, a Seychelles superyacht charter is naturally an explorer’s paradise. With some populated with attractions, and others totally uninhabited, there’s sure to be something to satisfy every kind of visitor.

To get to the heart of the action, the islands of Mahe, Silhouette, Praslin, and La Dique are home to a bustling local life which is underlined by a healthy hospitality.

For those after something a little quieter, the lagoon at Desroches Island or the cluster of small islands around the St Joseph Atoll are certain to please.

Thanks to well-positioned anchorages, many of the islands which comprise the Seychelles are accessible to every kind of superyacht.

3. Incredible diving spots

Whether you’re equipped with scuba gear or more sophisticated diving equipment, you’re bound to get the most out of it around the Seychelles.

Located in the Outer Islands, the Farquhar Atoll is perhaps the most colourful dive location, with a vast array of marine life found at a relatively shallow depth.

Similarly, Francois Island enjoys environmental protection to allow visitors to get up close and personal to a vibrant range of underwater species.

With angelfish, butterflyfish, and octopus all native to the waters of the Seychelles, it’s well worth diving in and exploring.

4. Exclusive marinas

Marina in the Seychelles

Accommodating the larger superyachts which have recently been drawn to the region, the Seychelles has a number of marinas and harbors which make visiting all the easier for those arriving on the water.

The largest of the marinas, Eden Island, is linked to the main island of Mahe by a short bridge. Capable of berthing yachts up to 115m in length, the marina provides convenient access and outstanding facilities to its visitors.

Fast becoming the discerning charter guest’s destination of choice, the Seychelles is as beautiful as it is exciting

The sheltered port of Victoria, situated close to Mahe’s east coast, is also within a short distance from the charms of the capital city. Having recently attracted a number of impressive yachts, the port of Victoria is certainly worth checking out when visiting the Seychelles by crewed yacht charter.

When it comes to cruising away from the main islands, there are a number of bays along the various coastlines which form inviting spaces for comfortable anchorage.

5. Vibrant island culture

Renowned for colorful and vibrant festivals, the Seychelles are the place to be when it comes to music, dance, and food. With a range of events taking place across the year, visitors are likely to encounter some kind of celebration taking place in the course of their exploring.

Perhaps the largest of these events is the International Carnival of Victoria. Taking place over three days in February, there are many small parties which celebrate the various cultures which have made the Seychelles what it is today.

The whole region also gets swept up on June 29th when Independence Day is celebrated- expect street parties, all-day beach events, and a number of frivolities taking place out on the water.

Island seychelles

In order to find out more regarding the kinds of itineraries which are possible around the Seychelles, feel free to reach out to your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all of the superyachts available for charter in the Seychelles.


5 reasons why you have to charter a superyacht in the Seychelles

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