Indian Ocean Luxury Yacht Charters

The Indian Ocean is populated by numerous idyllic destinations which lend themselves perfectly to a luxury yacht charter vacation. Indeed, from the 115 islands belonging to the Seychelles to the rural geography of Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean abounds with a wealth of possibilities for those discovering the region by superyacht. As well as boasting some of the most magnificent scenery, the destinations in this part of the world are home to stunning white-sand beaches and historic architecture.


Famed for its natural and undisturbed beauty, the Seychelles are fringed by cobalt blue waters which make approaching the destination by luxury yacht a totally unforgettable experience. Ideal for both the adventurous and those looking to unwind, the picturesque beaches are only a short distance from a number of iconic dive sites. No doubt the most celebrated beach in the Seychelles is Anse Lazio, located in Praslin.

Sri Lanka

Renowned for being a tropical retreat, Sri Lanka is another of the standout destinations to be enjoyed in the Indian Ocean. Similar to the Seychelles, the beaches are situated close to fantastic dive sites populated by a bright and vibrant marine life. For foodies, there is also the option to visit a number of critically acclaimed restaurants serving up the very best traditional dishes. There’s also plenty of historic interest in Sri Lanka, with the 5th century fortress of Sigiriya forming the central point of intrigue.


The meeting point of numerous Indian influences, Mauritius is an outstanding destination to visit on either a motor yacht or sailing yacht. Indeed, the island nation is surrounded by indigo blue waters and treats visitors to a number of notable attractions. Perhaps the leading attraction is the antiquated towns and villages which occupy the mainland. As part of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is also home to some stunning beaches with conveniently located anchorages.   

Planning your Luxury Yacht Charter to The Indian Ocean

No matter what part of the Indian Ocean you wish to explore by luxury yacht, your charter vacation can begin a short distance from a conveniently located airport. The best superyachts available in the region can often meet you in your chosen destination, although some private crewed yachts may be limited to specific cruising grounds around the Indian Ocean. As a wonderfully diverse region, there are various points in the year which form the best time to visit. May is a great month for Sri Lanka, for instance, whilst the Maldives are best between December and March.  

Chartering a Private Yacht in the Indian Ocean

For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in the Indian Ocean, please contact your preferred yacht charter broker, who will be able to help you plan your dream itinerary, combining your party's needs with recommendations about the best time to visit this idyllic region.

Titania Yacht Charter in Indian OceanTitania Yacht Charter in Indian OceanTitania yacht charter lifestyle
from $490,000 p/week
Serenity Yacht Charter in Indian OceanSerenity Yacht Charter in Indian OceanSerenity yacht charter lifestyle
from $493,000 p/week

Charter Yachts in the Indian Ocean

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Flying Fox Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Flying Fox22Charter Guests

136m | Lurssen

136m | 2019

Barbara Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Barbara12Charter Guests

89m | Oceanco

89m | 2017

from $1,122,000 p/week

Nirvana Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Nirvana12Charter Guests

89m | Oceanco

89m | 2012

from $1,022,000 p/week

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

O'Ptasia12Charter Guests

85m | Golden Yachts

85m | 2018

from $891,000 p/week

Savannah Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Savannah12Charter Guests

84m | Feadship

84m | 2015

from $1,136,000 p/week

Silver Fast Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Silver Fast12Charter Guests

77m | SilverYachts

77m | 2015

from $710,000 p/week

Titania Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Titania12Charter Guests

73m | Lurssen

73m | 2006/2018

from $490,000 p/week

Serenity Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Serenity30Charter Guests

72m | Austal

72m | 2004/2017

from $493,000 p/week

Nomad Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Nomad12Charter Guests

70m | Oceanfast

70m | 2003/2008

from $398,000 p/week

Lady E Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Lady E12Charter Guests

69m | Amels

69m | 2006/2013

from $476,000 p/week

Icon Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Icon12Charter Guests

68m | Icon Yachts

68m | 2010/2014

from $568,000 p/week

Calypso Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Calypso12Charter Guests

62m | Amels

62m | 2003/2018

from $300,000 p/week

Light Holic Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Light Holic12Charter Guests

60m | CRN

60m | 2011/2014

from $349,000 p/week

Ramble On Rose Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Ramble On Rose12Charter Guests

60m | CRN

60m | 2011/2019

from $374,000 p/week

Lili Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Lili12Charter Guests

55m | Amels

55m | 2017

from $329,000 p/week

Papa Yacht Charter in Indian Ocean

Papa10Charter Guests

55m | Amels

55m | 2019

from $315,000 p/week

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