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5 Reasons Why Cuban Cigars Really Are the Best in the World

By Editorial Team   Last Updated: 25 April 2023

Unquestionably the most iconic export from Cuba, the Cuban cigar has long been accepted as the very best available. It’s been the indulgence of rockstar politicians and businessmen for as long as these terms have existed, and its international reputation shows no signs of flagging. 

Although it’s the cigar capital of the world, Cuba’s strict trading rules mean that the very best can only be enjoyed on the island itself.  With only inexpensive and unexceptional cigars being allowed out, it’s essential to stop by one of the many lounges to get a taste of the best Cuba has to offer.   

Here, our experts provide 5 reasons for trying one when visiting the island.

1: Its History and Tradition  

A woman enjoying a Cuban cigar
Hand rolling cigars in Cuba
Leaves prime for cigars

For well over 500 years Cubans have been cultivating and celebrating their leading export. Committed to producing only the highest quality cigars, the manufacturing process is equal parts art and science. What’s more, to ensure consistency, the government closely regulates providers, allowing only the very best products to reach the customer.   

2: The Island’s Environment   

A selection of fine Cuban cigars
Boxes of Cuban cigars

Far more conducive than anywhere else in the world, the agricultural conditions of Cuba lend themselves perfectly to the production of cigars. Its soil provides not only the ideal properties for the finest tobaccos, but also the growing of wrapper leaves which are the envy of every cigar manufacturer outside of the island.  

3: The Purity

A freshly rolled Cuban cigar

Unlike other cigars, a Cuban is unblended and completely free of preservatives and taste enhancers. This purity is responsible for producing a signature taste which cannot be replicated elsewhere. By using only the finest local tobaccos, a high end Cuban offers a truly unique experience through its use of natural ingredients.          

Unquestionably an essential part of a Cuban luxury charter vacation, the sampling of cigars is unrivaled in its excellence

4: The Variety

A girl smoking a Cuban cigar
Preparing Cuban CigarsA handful of Cuban cigars

When referring to the Cuban cigar people often make the mistake of assuming there is a single type and taste. The reality is that there is a diverse range of flavours which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. From the aromatic to the rich, Cuba has an incredible variety which promises to satisfy every kind of palate.

5: Its Exclusivity

Two men enjoying smoking cigars in Cuba

Cuba makes no apology for the rarity of its famous export. Annual conventions like the Cigar Lovers Paradise capitalise on this and offer the opportunity for enthusiasts to indulge a variety of Cubans in an appropriately formal environment. This exclusivity and importance is what makes the cigar more cultural experience than simply a material product.

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