Guide to the Baltic Sea Region

Retrace old Viking routes along majestic, unspoilt coastlines.

Mysterious, surprising and deliciously challenging, the Baltic Sea is the captivating centre of Europe. Soaked in history and swathed in enchanting landscapes, ancient ruins and modern metropolises, these unique lands hold infinite appeal, blending timeless elegance with opulent luxury in a cocktail of hedonism.

North of the shimmering shores of the Western Mediterranean, the cruising grounds of the Baltic Sea are blessed with eclectic European charm and unspoilt coastlines renowned for their natural beauty and picture-postcard settings. Often overlooked as a luxury yacht charter destination, this combination of modern-day wonders in animated and dynamic cities and the archaic landscapes of scattered idyllic islands, encompass everything you could wish for in an exciting and diverse summer destination.

Famed for vast forests, beautiful wetlands and remote offshore islands, the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania boast natural beauty to rival their southern Scandinavian neighbours. Explore the awe-inspiring medieval towns with grandiose architecture and chic bars and restaurants before taking in the exquisite views from your luxury charter yacht as you cruise the deep, crystalline waters of the Baltic.

Bordering Finland is the remarkable empire of the Czars, Russia, where the magnificent city of St Petersburg holds a fusion of gothic cathedrals, historical monuments and thriving culture just waiting to be discovered. The awe-inspiring spirit embodied by the world’s largest country offers an unparalleled range of experiences beneath its eternal enigma. From the colourful domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral and 24 hour buzz of Moscow to the unforgiving terrains and vast expanse of Siberia, a bespoke vacation in Russia in the luxury of a superyacht will transport your mind and body to otherworldly escapism.

Reasons to Visit

Iconic Sightseeing
Unspoilt Coastlines
Eclectic Charm
Fascinating History
Spectacular Architecture

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