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Guide to Sri Lanka

Where history meets unsurpassed beauty

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is an exotic haven for luxury charter yachts in the Indian Ocean. With a highly diverse selection of terrains, including rainforest, sandy beaches, and steep rock formations, it is already guaranteed that a trip to Sri Lanka is one never to be forgotten. Whether you love the idea of scaling the large cliffs and dense rainforests- or the idea of lounging on idyllic golden sandy beaches- there is plenty of luxury and gratification awaiting you in this incredible location.

A heritage trail is an ideal way to get to grips with the unique life and history of Sri Lanka, starting off with the ancient cities. The most famed city of Sri Lanka is Anuradhapura. Acting as the longest serving capital of the country, this city offers a high level of visitor amenities without losing any of the historic charm of the old city. With the earliest dates of capital city status being in the 4th century there is plenty to see here and it's easy to see why it was such a stable and sound development back in the height of its power.

The 5th century fortress of Sigiriya is the perfect follow up to the wonders of Anuradhapura. Featuring some of the oldest murals in the country, the history can almost be felt at this enchanting location. Strolling around the beautiful water gardens adds another element of beauty to the stone architecture, while adding a hint of modern influence to the ancient landscape. To complete the heritage tour of Sri Lanka you can also visit the two other kingdoms of Polonnaruwa and Digamadulla, which are still featured in everyday life today.
Taking a break from learning about Sri Lankan culture could not be easier with the sublime selection of sandy beaches around the coast. Some of the best beaches on offer are found along the southern coast and play host to many luxurious hotels, sports facilities and incredible diving opportunities. There are plenty of areas of sandy solitude along the coast, allowing you some privacy and peace, as well as some picturesque sandbars.
For beaches which offer something a little bit different to the norm, your first choice is the Negambo Lagoon. Located close by to Colombo, this bay is ideal for lobstering. Catching a fresh supper could not be more relaxing as you watch paradise in motion while waiting for a perfectly fresh meal. Moving north to Alankuda Beach you are in for a real treat as you enjoy the delightful Indian heat. This particular stretch of beach is ideal for whale and dolphin watching. Gaze out from the soft sand or take a dive to see if any dolphins come to play. If you're very lucky you may spot the largest mammal on the planet, the blue whale.
Aside from the spectacular ancient cities and luxurious beaches, Sri Lanka also provides staggering scenes of natural beauty. Exploring further inland, the lush green rainforests surround you with tropical flora and fauna which hide many treasures. Some are more obvious, such as the towering mountains that rise up into the mist above, and others are more hidden, including some magnanimous ancient palaces which stand neglected among the foliage. The most refreshing discovery to be found in the rainforests are the outstanding waterfalls. Stunning to watch and even more impressive to stand beside, these natural beauties will keep you cool and refreshed in the rainforest humidity.
Wildlife is a huge part of Sri Lanka, with a huge amount of both onland and underwater species residing on the small island. While exploring the island, a trip to Wilpattu National Park is a must if you want to see some of the spectacular wildlife Sri Lanka has to offer. With ample opportunities to see Asian elephants, deer, buffalo, langur and sloth bears there is plenty to see and keep your eyes peeled for. Another mammal worth looking for is the leopard. Sri Lanka holds one of the densest collections of the feline mammal in the world but it doesn't always mean they'll be easy to spot. Keeping to the animal theme, there are many varieties of amphibians and birds also to see, so mind your step as you explore the nature trails- just don't forget to look up!
Back in the ocean and on route back to your luxury charter yacht, make another attempt to spot some of the fantastic underwater life by taking a dive in the cool waters. Move among thousands of brightly coloured fish, while looking further ahead for any dark shadows of sperm or blue whales. To finish off your exciting but exhausting exploration of Sri Lanka cook up your freshly caught lobster supper and dine in style as you watch the picture postcard sunset over the Indian Ocean.

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