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Guide to Pylos

A stylish treasure nestled within rugged landscapes.

Watched over by the magnificent gaze of two medieval castles, the stylish East Mediterranean town of Pylos is set amidst the rugged backdrops of the rural Messenia region in the Peloponnese.

Pylos plays host to one of the largest and most beautiful natural harbours in Greece, Navarino Bay, which is almost entirely enclosed the Sfaktira Islet making an ever desirable spot among the most discerning of superyacht charterers. The lively centre of the town is distinct by its large plane tree which has multiplied over the years to offer a leafy shade over the chic cafes, boutiques and tavernas that occupy the pretty central square of Platía Trión Navárhon.

There is plenty of exploring to do the town, from the memorials and relics left behind from the famous Battle of Navarino to the 1572-built castle of Néo Kástro. The other of the town’s castle’s, Kástro Navarínou (Paleó Kástro), can be found along with its acropolis perched on a hill ridge, stunning in its Venetian facades and high walls.

The ideal location of Pylos makes it a perfect base for visiting surrounding towns and islets as well as discovering secluded coves along the rugged coastline, guided by an expert charter crew and Captian. Just across form Navarino Bay is the tiny island of Sfaktira which is a great place to snorkel and the remains of the Turkish fleet lying on the sea bed.

Further afield, about 12km along the coastline is one of the most spectacular beaches in the region - Voïdhokiliá - a stunning crescent of white sand that is home to nesting turtles and backed by a bird protected bird conservation area. Elsewhere, the frescoed Nestor’s Palace and the charming market town of Hóra (Hóra Trifylías) are perfect for some day trips ashore.

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Reasons to Visit

Picturesque natural harbour
Great base to explore Mesennia region
Beautiful nearby Sfaktira Islet
Lively town centre
Two magnificent castles
Stunning anchorages

Good For

  • Snorkeling
  • Nature
  • Anchorage

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