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Guide to Palermo

A charming Sicilian city rich in cultural history

The stunning city of Palermo is an instant eye-catching destination for all superyacht charters. Situated on the northern coast of Sicily, the central Mediterranean isle is also in close proximity to Naples and Ajaccio making it the ideal base for yacht charter enthusiasts who want to visit the best destinations within the region.

With an abundance of Italian architecture, culture, and history to explore, Palermo offers the distinctive warmth of an authentic Mediterranean holiday as well as an insight into the storied history and rich tradition of the wondrous city. Boasting over 100 churches and hosting 12 UNESCO sites across the Palermo province, it’s easy to see why the city was bestowed with the ‘Capital of Culture’ award in 2018. Home to the third-largest theater in Europe, Teatro Massimo, and a Royal Palace, Palazzo dei Normanni, be sure to spend a day winding through the city’s Sicilian streets, taking in the city’s jumbled layers of architecture as you go.

The essential sights are mostly found in the center and are easy to cover on foot. After enjoying a sumptuous breakfast aboard your superyacht, venture inland to visit the Cattedrale di Palermo. A prime example of Sicily’s unique Arab-Norman architectural style, the cathedral stands proudly in the city’s center showing off its array of geometric patterns and blind arches. Wander up to the roof of the cathedral to enjoy panoramic views over the beautiful city.

For lovers of art and architecture, make sure not to miss the extraordinary chapel of Cappella Palatina. Designed by Roger II in 1130, the chapel’s well-lit interior is simply breathtaking. Its glittering gold mosaics are complemented by inlaid marble floors and a magnificent vaulted ceiling. Every inch of the chapel is lined with precious stone giving the space a lustrous quality upon your entry. The bulk of the mosaics recount the tales of the Old Testament and capture expressions, detail and movement with extraordinary grace and detail. This is definitely a location not to be missed during your yacht charter vacation. 

As the biggest city in Sicily, Palermo is a cultural hotspot offering a vibrant nightlife and plenty of places to unwind. After a long day exploring, head over to La Kalsa which hosts many chic bars serving refreshing apéritifs. One of the city’s favorites is Palermo’s first original cocktail bar Bocum. With a stylish interior and many funky, lavish objects to wonder at, this bar has a spectacular long-lived reputation. Spend an evening here relaxing and taking in the modern art around you as you sip on the finest of cocktails. 

Those renting a yacht to visit Palermo this summer are in for a treat, as this Sicilian town has no shortage of historic beauty. Find the perfect yacht for you and your charter party by viewing our complete selection of crewed Sicily charter yachts and start planning your next vacation with a recommended yacht charter broker.

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