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Will Recent Political Events Increase Superyacht Charters in Cuba?

By Charlotte Ashley   17 April 2015

With Barack Obama’s move to take Cuba off the terror sponsor list earlier this week easing tension between the country and the U.S., it could be argued that planning a luxury yacht charter in Cuba may become noticeably more popular.

Barack Obama re-iterating that in the past 6 months Cuba "has not provided any support for international terrorism" and has “provided assurances that it will not support acts of international terrorism in the future” sent ripples throughout the media. Photos of the U.S. president and Cuban President Raul Castro’s meeting on the sidelines of a regional summit in Panama were widely circulated across the globe – the first of its kind in half a century.

With the reopening of embassies and opportunity for a U.S. base in Havana, a co-operative relationship between Cuba and the United States could be on the cards for the first time since Fidel Castro's revolution. With U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, pointing out that "Circumstances have changed since 1982. Our hemisphere, and the world, look very different today than they did 33 years ago,” this change indicates travel to Cuba will become a much more appealing option for U.S. citizens.

After all, Cuba offers a blend of Caribbean beaches, vibrant night spots and unique culture highly appealing to the market and once described as “the most beautiful land one has ever seen” by Christopher Columbus. Cuba’s removal from the list of state sponsors of terror brings with it key economic sanctions as businesses now are able to trade with the island. Crucially for the superyacht industry, the move will allow more Americans to visit, as well as boosting telephone and internet availability on the islands. Bookings superyachts for vacations in Cuba has been moderately popular, however with new freedoms (originally blocked in 1982), the island’s status as a summer hub for superyacht charters could be on the rise.

...with new freedoms, the island’s status as a summer hub for superyacht charters could be on the rise.

luxury yacht charters in cuba could be on the rise

The majority of Cubans – especially businesses - are welcoming the President Obama and President Castro’s move to “normalise” relations between two countries, after years of tension. The mood is more amiable than ever for U.S. residents thinking of renting a luxury yacht in Cuba, who will be greeted by an agreeable climate, lush countryside dotted with stunning baroque architecture, and some of the world’s best hospitality on arrival at Havana’s spectacular harbour. Its whole coast and surrounding islands are easily accessible by yacht, leaving no wanderlust unfulfilled. With highlights including Archipelago del Rey – a 200 mile stretch of white-sand beaches – and UNESCO World Heritage Site Cienfuegos (known as the ‘Pearl of the South’), the live-to-the-full attitude of island mean it is it almost impossible not to be enchanted by its rustic charm.

U.S. Congress have 45 days to review President Obama’s proposal before it takes effect, however is widely believed they will not block the move.

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