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Tivoli Travels to South Pacific

By Louise Marsh   23 August 2012

The 27.58m motor yacht Tivoli, built by Doggersbank, will be moving to the South Pacific for 2013 with 4 charters already booked!

Tivoli is an extremely successful luxury charter yacht, having enjoyed many years of successful chartering in the Caribbean, but numerous charter opportunities in the South Pacific offered a change of scenery.

The yacht's owner is very excited about expanding into the South Pacific and says; “The crew, my kids, family and I are all really quite excited about this trip, it’s something different and new for all of us...”.

For more information on chartering this lovely yacht, contact your Charter Broker.

“...a broker asked me 'if you could take your yacht on one last journey, where would it be?' I said, the South Pacific no question.” Tivoli’s owner (and captain)

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