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Kardashians Greece Yachting Vacation on O'Ceanos Charter Yacht

By Editorial Team   11 July 2013

The Kardashian family filmed an episode of their latest E-series on board the 49m luxury charter yacht O'Ceanos.

Family vacations on a private luxury charter yacht in the Greek Islands are usually a very low key affair, even for celebrities. But when you are reality TV stars and you turn up with an entourage and a full TV camera crew, things can be a little different.

A pregnant Kim Kardashian joined her family as they embarked on the holiday of a lifetime, enjoying some sun and quality time together cruising around the Greek Islands on 'charter yacht  O'Ceanos', while being filmed for their popular reality TV show 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'. The show has made the Kardashians one of the world's most famous reality TV families and as such they live their lives through a lens.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, brother Brody Jenner and parents Kris and Bruce Jenner were all spotted on board the newly refitted O'Ceanos superyacht. Mykonos LiveTV caught the action on video as they left the port.

One of the main reasons for renting a luxury private yacht is complete privacy. The staff on board are trained to be very discrete, and the yachting industry has a code that client confidentiality be strictly maintained. However, in recent years a number of celebrities have chosen to share their luxury yacht charter experiences with their social media 'followers' by sharing photos via Twitter or Histogram.

The younger members of the family clearly enjoyed the yachting experience, and the wonderful scenery  Greece has to offer, and sent messages to their fans on social media networks:

Brody tweeted: 'Feel so blessed to have spent the day on this bad boy with the family.'

'Ah I'm lucky! this place is incredible,' Kendall tweeted to her 5.3 million followers. 'Had such a fun day in paradise'

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Ahhhh I'm lucky! this place is incredible... Had such a fun day in paradise - Kendall tweeted

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