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Private Yacht Charter

The benefits of private yacht charter

In order to make things as simple as possible, we’ve assembled a complete guide to explain exactly what a private yacht charter vacation is, and why you should book one right away.

Giving you the freedom to discover the world’s most remarkable destinations in style, a private yacht charter vacation is unlike any other kind of experience you can enjoy out on the water.

With your own captain and crew on hand to ensure that every last detail and demand is taken care of, and with a series of exciting features enjoy, you’re able to relax in superior comfort as you visit one fascinating hotspot after another.

As the name suggests, a private yacht charter allows you and your guests to spend time together in a highly exclusive environment far away from anyone else. Of course, should you decide to disembark at the destinations you visit, the company you encounter will often be made up of A-listers and VIPs.  

What is a private yacht charter?

In the most straightforward terms, a private yacht charter simply means ‘yacht rental’. Whether it’s a small catamaran or a 100m+ superyacht, the expression refers to the hiring of a yacht for the purposes of vacationing with family and friends, or entertaining clients in style.

A vital distinction to be aware of is the difference between bareboat and crewed yacht charters. As the name implies, a bareboat charter is when guests are simply provided with a ship or a boat without any crew or provisions.

A crewed yacht charter, on the other hand, is when the yacht rental includes the services of a captain, chef, stewardesses, and deckhands. All of these members of crew ensure that everything you require is taken care of, and every need is expertly anticipated.  

Some superyachts even feature members of crew who serve as yoga teachers, beauty specialists, and water sport instructors. Allowing those on board to maximize their options out on the water, a larger variety of trained staff ultimately promises to satisfy each and every kind of guest.

Naturally, due to the size and complexity of superyachts, they are only available for crewed yacht charters.

Why should I book a private yacht charter?

As a bespoke experience, a private yacht charter promises to be a vacation unlike any you’ve ever been on before.

Some people will rent superyachts in order to network with clients, or reward staff in a truly exceptional way. Known as an ‘event charter’, these kinds of   typically take place at prestigious sporting or social events like the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival.

What is more common, however, is for groups to charter a yacht simply to get away from  everyday life and refresh themselves in the best way possible. 

What are the benefits of a private yacht charter?

The key benefit of a private yacht charter vacation is that you’re able to enjoy a getaway that is as unique as it is exclusive. That is, you will embark on the most bespoke of getaways that is shared only with the friends and family that you welcome on board.  

What’s more, unlike a vacation on board a cruise ship, a private yacht charter provides you with complete control over your itinerary. Rather than following a set plan, it’s up to you which destinations you visit, what you do there, and how long you stick around for.

Similarly, a private yacht charter promises to deliver a level of luxury that even the most prestigious hotels and villas simply cannot compete with. More specifically, when you’re on board a superyacht, you’re provided with all the comforts and entertainment options of a prestigious resort, with the additional advantage of being able to visit as many or as little destinations as you please.

How do I charter a yacht?

In order to charter a yacht, you’ll need to speak with a qualified charter broker who has access to all which are available to you. Understanding the fleet as well as the best cruising grounds, a charter broker ultimately serves to manage your vacation and ensure that everything goes to plan

Interested in Chartering a Private Yacht? Finding a private yacht to rent is not as simple as booking a hotel online as they move around and are often booked well in advance. Contact your Charter Broker, it's free! I need help
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