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2014 Singapore Yacht Show Dates Announced

By Louise Marsh   27 June 2013

Following on from the success of this year's show back in April, the organisers have just announced the dates for the 2014 Singapore Yacht Show.

Returning once more to the ONE°15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove, the fourth edition of this rapidly growing regional yacht show will run from April 10th-13th 2014.

Building on the success of this year's show, which saw the numbers of both visitor and on-water yachts on display almost double from the year before, the next edition of the Singapore Yacht Show will see a significant change by bringing the largest superyachts on display to the main on-water exhibition area - some measuring up to 70 metres. This will make the show even more spectacular as the entire range of yachts will be on display in one area.

Andy Treadwell, Managing Director of organisers Singapore Yacht Events (SYE) commented, "Given the overwhelming interest, and having listened to the feedback from this year's exhibitors, we are delighted that our ever-supportive venue host, ONE°15 Marina Club, immediately agreed to make the necessary arrangements to bring the big boats up in front of the Club next year The new layout includes a lot of extra berths, and will allow the Singapore Yacht Show to grow significantly from the record numbers we have already seen this year."

Located in the chic and cosmopolitan Sentosa Cove, ONE°15 Marina Club is the perfect venue for the Singapore Yacht Show. With the waterfront bars, retaurants and hotels, there is no better location for a show in this region.

The show is scheduled to be held at Sentosa Cove for the next two years at least as part of an renewed venue and sponsorship agreement between Sentosa Development Corporation and the owner and manager of ONE°15 Marina Club, SUTL Pte Ltd.

Next year will also see a new event director join the company. Phil Bake, a veteran of the South East Asian yachting scene, has joined the company and will lead the Singapore Yacht Events team and manage future shows.

We are delighted by the success of the Singapore Yacht Show and we look forward to hosting it again next year... Not only does it afford Cove residents an opportunity to witness a world-class showcase of superyachts on their doorstep, it also injects vibrancy for our Cove guests and enhances business opportunities for our myriad of specialty shops, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities on the island. - Mr Mike Barclay, CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation

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