Motor Yacht Charter

What is a Luxury Motor Yacht Charter Vacation?

Motor yachts are the most widely available charter yachts and the most popular vessels for a luxury yacht charter vacation. As a rule they usually feature more on board space than sailing yachts and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, though typically have a monohull design. Due to their capacity for interior and exterior volume, motor yachts are usually capable of playing host to a range of amenities including Jacuzzi’s, swimming pools, entertainment systems and varying toys and tenders depending on the space and storage on board.

There are a variety of accommodations to choose from to suit the needs of you and your party, with each motor yacht offering different layouts and number of staterooms. Due to maritime regulations, many motor yacht charters will only allow a maximum of 12 sleeping guests, although larger yachts that meet the SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) classification are capable of handling more.

With a fleet of luxury motor charter yachts to choose from it is important to consider what type of motor yacht charter you are looking to experience in addition to which luxury destinations you would like to visit. Charterers looking for a thrilling experience on the waves may lean towards a fast yacht whereas guests prone to seasickness may prefer the stability of a multihull. The choice of destination is also an important consideration as some motor yachts will not be equipped to sustain the waters of Alaska whilst others may not be suitable for shallow waters.

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