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Chartering a yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix: everything you need to know

The YachtCharterFleet team has experienced the F1 Monaco Grand Prix first-hand, and we are here to provide you with the ultimate guide to chartering a luxury yacht at the event.

With luxury yachts at the heart of the racing action, hiring a superyacht for the Monaco Grand Prix is the most glamorous way to experience the world's most exciting and iconic F1 fixture.

However, many people have questions about the booking process. From when to book to where to berth, this article gives a run-down of the most commonly-asked questions and answers, complete with expert advice and tips on how to get the most from your Monaco Grand Prix superyacht experience. 

How do I rent a yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix?

Yachts lined up at the Monaco Grand Prix

The first thing you will need to do is find a reputable yacht charter broker, who will act as a buffer between you and the yacht owner. They will be able to give you sound advice and information and will ultimately be responsible for organizing your grand prix yacht charter, right down to the very last detail.

Booking a yacht at the Formula One fixture is a complicated process, so be sure to find yourself a broker who has undertaken the procedure before. A broker with the necessary expertise and connections will ensure a smooth and straightforward superyacht experience at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix.

When do I need to book my Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter?

You will need to book your Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter up to eight months in advance if you are looking to secure a berth in Port Hercules. Demand for these berths is extremely high, so you will need to get in touch with your charter broker well ahead of time in order to start the planning process.

How can I book a berth with trackside views?

Yachts lined up at the Monaco Grand Prix

Many luxury yachts based in Monaco hold year-round berths in premium locations that overlook the racetrack. If track views are important to you, you should try to book a yacht that has already secured a desirable trackside berth. This will remove the hassle of trying to secure one such berth yourself.

How long can I rent a yacht for at the Monaco Grand Prix?

The minimum number of days you can rent a yacht over the Monaco Grand Prix is five days and it has to be between Wednesday and Sunday. This is because practice and qualifying sessions begin on Thursday, through to the main race on Sunday. Roads open to the public on Monday.

Superyachts cannot leave the marina throughout the duration of the grand prix. But, guests can easily extend their yacht charter and explore the glittering coastlines of the French Riviera when the racing draws to a close. 

What can I do if I can’t berth in Port Hercules?

View of Monaco, France

There are 700 berths in Port Hercules, and they all fill up well in advance for the Monaco Grand Prix. If you are not able to secure one of these coveted slips, don’t panic; there are other places you can berth. 

Tucked around the corner from Port Hercules is Port Fontvieille. Though smaller, demand for berths here is much less fierce as you will have to take a tender across to Port Hercules to watch the on-track action. It is recommended that you book a minimum of three months in advance to secure one of the 275 berths.

Alternatively, superyachts can anchor around the Bay of Monaco and, again, take a tender in to watch the racing. Of course, you will not need to book to anchor, but your yacht will not benefit from the facilities available at the marinas. For more details, read our article: where to berth your yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Please note, if you are coming to Monaco via tender to watch the races, you will need to hold a ticket that allows access to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix or have a hospitality package secured at one of the venues surrounding the track.

Can I get off my yacht to watch the races?

As the streets of Monaco make up the grand prix circuit, much of Monte Carlo is closed off during practice and race sessions. At these times, when cars are on the track, access from the land to Port Hercules and vice versa is not possible.

Therefore, those watching the race from Port Hercules will need to ensure they get on board their superyacht before restrictions fall into place. For more information, please read our article in order to find out how to board your superyacht during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Should I consider a Monaco Grand Prix yacht hospitality package?

Revellers on board a yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix

If you do not want to charter a yacht privately, but would still like to step on board a superyacht, you can do so with the help of an F1 yacht hospitality package.

These are a cost-effective option for those who do not wish to book an entire yacht for 5 days and will entitle you access to a superyacht over the course of the races, as well as a host of other advantages including premium drinks, gourmet food and drink and live performances from international DJs. To find out more, read our guide to hospitality packages below.

By Katia Damborsky   Last Updated 26 May 2023


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