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Cannes Film Festival yacht charter: the ultimate guide

Every May, the global spotlight shines on the French Riviera as stars of the silver screen flock to the Cannes Film Festival for two weeks of red carpet action, movie screenings and glamorous parties.

Hollywood A-listers are not the only big names in town, however. Some of the world’s most iconic superyachts converge just metres away from the Palais des Festivals, the beating heart of the festival, opening up the chance to experience the fortnight-long celebration of cinema by luxury yacht.

Private yacht charters are possible during the festival, but it’s more common for companies to rent out a yacht and host a variety of events on board to get their brands noticed. If you’re looking for exposure, read on to discover all you need to know about a Cannes Film Festival corporate charter.

What is a Cannes Film Festival corporate charter?

Actors pose on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival
Corporate event charter yacht at Cannes

As the world’s attention turns to the Cannes Film Festival, movie stars will find themselves vying for attention with the superyachts lined up quayside as well as anchored off the coast of the Riviera.

The soirées held on board these floating masterpieces are a highlight of the festival for many. So, for a memorable and atmospheric corporate event, there could be no better venue than a superyacht.

And although it’s the superyacht parties that hit the headlines, a variety of on-board events are actually possible, from presentations, business meetings and workshops by day to formal dinners, mixology sessions and live music performances once the sun has gone down.

Why should I book a Cannes Film Festival corporate charter?

In a competitive business world, finding new ways to make an impact can be tough, but organising prestigious and innovative events on a corporate charter is a sure-fire way to make a lasting impression.

Chartering a yacht at the Cannes Film Festival enables companies to showcase their brand and achievements in one of the most elite ways possible as nothing says prestige quite like a superyacht.

It provides an unprecedented platform to capture the eye of some of the biggest influencers in the world and a well-executed charter will stay in the mind of a key stakeholder well after the festival is over.

Alongside boosting a business’ profile, a corporate yacht charter can provide luxurious accommodation – a big bonus as hotels in Cannes during the festival get booked up months in advance.

Where should I berth at the Cannes Film Festival?

Yachts lined up in the Old Port at CannesYachts lined up in the Old Port at the Cannes Film Festival
Palais des Festivals in Cannes at the Film Festival

For many, securing a central berth right next to the Palais des Festivals, where all the movie screenings take place, is of prime importance as it propels their company to the heart of the action.

Demand for a berth in the Old Port during the festival, however, always exceeds the number of slips available. Fortunately, there is an alternative: Port Pierre Canto, which is a short tender ride away across the Bay of Cannes. With less competition, it’s easier to secure a berth here. 

There is a third option, as well: superyachts can anchor off the coast of Cannes and have tenders transport guests aboard from the mainland.

How do I rent a yacht at the Cannes Film Festival?

The first thing you will need to do is find a reputable yacht charter broker, who has experience of organising corporate charters in Cannes as well as access to the region’s charter fleet.  

Extremely knowledgeable, they able to match their clients with the most suitable yacht, depending on their needs and preferences, and act as a buffer between you and the owner. Their job will also involve securing a berth and helping charterers plan whatever events they wish to host on board.

Ultimately, they are responsible for the entire organisation process, so picking a broker with the necessary expertise and connections will ensure a smooth and straightforward superyacht experience.

When should I book my Cannes Film Festival charter?

Yachts in Cannes

To have the pick of the best possible selection of superyachts and berths during the Cannes Film Festival, it’s advisable to book early. Brokers recommend getting in touch at least eight months in advance for one or two-week-long charters, and at least three months in advance for day charters.  

Applications to secure a berth in the Old Port during the Cannes Film Festival can be made from mid-November. But as details of the yacht have to be included in the application, the charter contract (and, thus, the selection of yacht) needs to be completed before an application for a berth is made.   

What yacht should I choose for a Cannes Film Festival yacht charter?

This all depends on what a superyacht is needed for. A key consideration will be the number of people on the guest list. For example, those hosting a party will need a yacht capable of hosting a large number, with some bigger yachts able to accommodate around 200 people when berthed in a port.

Other smaller yachts, meanwhile, may only be able to host 20 or so guests but if business meetings, presentations or formal dinners are on the agenda, this size of yacht may suffice.

Some superyachts even have areas specially designed for meetings or to transform into nightclubs, so these factors would come into account too. An expert charter broker will have the knowledge and insight to help pick out the most suitable yacht for a corporate charter, no matter what the occasion is for. 

What about a Cannes Film Festival day charter?

Cannes Film Festival fireworks in the Bay of Cannes

Another option is to undertake a Cannes Film Festival day charter. Popular day trips include the iconic beach clubs of Pampelone Beach in St Tropez, such as Nikki Beach, Bagatelle Beach and Le Club 55, as well as further afield to Monaco and the surrounding coast or the nearby ÎIles de Lérins.  

As most luxury yachts can only accommodate 12 guests when cruising, day charters provide the chance to impress an intimate group of clients or stakeholders or reward current employees.

Brokers recommend that day charters begin and end in Port Pierre Canto as the Old Port can become very congested during the festival, which can lead to delays. So start a corporate day charter across the bay to get the most out of the time spent on board.

By Rebecca Bradbury   Last Updated 10 November 2022


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