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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Track Guide

This video will help you familiarise yourself with all twists and turns of the Yas Marina F1 Racing Circuit ahead of your arrival in Abu Dhabi for Race Week.

With one of the longest straights of any F1 track and some particularly challenging technical turns, it's worth getting to grips with the layout of the track in time for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the first ever day-to-night race, starting at 5pm local time and using floodlights to illuminate the track. Comprising over 5.5 kilometers, each race is made up of 58 laps.

Whether you’re watching the action unfold from the grandstands or from the comfort of your luxury charter superyacht, get the low-down on all 21 turns and the rip-roaring speeds you can expect at every portion of the racetrack.

Yas Marina F1 Racing Circuit map for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Turns 1 - 7

The race’s starting point is to the east of the Yas Viceroy, next to the Paddock Club, and begins with a long straight towards the Al Raha Creek. The cars are just starting to warm up at this point, reaching speeds of around 150 KM/H as they follow the circuit north,  away from the marina.

Front view of cars racing on the track of Yas Marina Circuit at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, beginning to turn a corner

The third turn that the cars will encounter will see a particularly challenging brake zone, going from 270 KM/H down to 130 KM/H at Turn 5. Cars will then pass by the North Grandstand at 95 KM/H, before making turns 6 an 7 and heading down one of the longest straights of any F1 track.

Turns 8 - 10

Car in the lead as it rounds the corner of the racetrack during Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with blue lines on the ground

Cars will reach speeds of around 335 KM/H on the 1.2km-long straight between Turns 7 and 8. However, their accuracy will put to the test when they slow to 70 KM/H to take Turn 8. Turn 10 is followed by another long straight and navigates the cars back towards the water, going past the South Grandstand and Marina Grandstand.

Turns 11 - 13

Car in focus as it goes past superyacht during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula 1 Raceweek

Turns 11 through to 13 will see the cars tear down a straight past the Visitors Berths located outside Yas Marina. Superyachts berthed at Visitors Berths 10-15 will enjoy a prime spot to watch the cars reaching speeds of 110 KM/H.

Turns 14 - 18

Car on racetrack going past superyachts at Yas Marina Racing Circuit

Turn 14 sees the cars begin the portion of the race that winds around Yas Marina.  Grand-Prix attendees who have secured a vantage point from a superyacht between berths 36 - 42 will see the cars reach speeds of 104 KM/H.  Those watching from superyachts between berths 42 - 50 will experience exhilaration as cars speed around turns 15 - 16 at speeds of 270 KM/H.

Cars begin to brake as they approach Turn 17, slowing to 90 KM/H as they pass berths 51-56. They take the 18th turn past berths 57-50 at 105 KM/H and disappear under the arches of the Yas Viceroy.

Turns 19 - 21

Car in focus as it goes under Etihad signage with arches of Yas Viceroy Hotel above during Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

With the end in sight, cars will pick up the pace as they pass Turn 19, going from 115 KM/H to 240 KM/H past the luxury yachts located between berths 61- 81. Then come the final two turns of the race, before cars cross the finish line in completion of one lap.

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By Katia Damborsky   Last Updated 14 November 2022


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