Why the Virgin Islands are perfect for private yacht charter vacations

By Oliver Pearson   7 September 2017

Celebrated for their sublime cruising grounds and exclusive beaches, the Virgin Islands remain the place to be in the Caribbean.

An island chain which is synonymous with luxury travelling, the Virgin Islands are replete with destinations perfect for visiting during a private yacht charter vacation in wintertime.

Indeed, both the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) boast a range of stunning coastlines which offer tranquility and superb surroundings to enjoy with friends and family.

Taking a closer look at the charms and secret gems to be found in this part of the world, we walk you through the hotspots to see and be seen in around the Virgin Islands.

The Intrigue of the British Virgin Islands

With more than 50 islands stretching over 30 miles, the BVIs offer an intimate world of possibilities and choice to those arriving on board a superyacht.

Typically, superyacht charters will begin in Virgin Gorda towards the north east of the archipelago, and an itinerary will be arranged to take the party through a series of destinations which lead to Guana Island a little to the west.

With numerous historic shipwrecks to dive down to, and endless landscapes to unwind against, the range of experiences to be had on such a vacation promise to satisfy every kind of charter guest.

Enjoying warm weather the year round, the Virgin Islands are a paradise worth visiting no matter what the charter season

Whilst the consistent trade winds make the BVIs particularly attractive for sailing yachts, there are many well-positioned anchorages which make the destination just as attractive for motor yachts too.

With the option to island-hop or simply sit back on an unspoiled beach, the destinations around the BVIs are incredibly flexible, and a charter can take on a shape which best suits the needs of a party.

For those keen to enjoy the sunshine, for example, White Bay in Jost van Dyke is a picturesque retreat lined with turquoise blue waters.

Of course, there is also plenty of experiences to be had on the mainland areas of the BVIs. From sampling the French-Caribbean cuisine, to walking through tiny villages, visitors can expect to discover a range of unique opportunities.

For those interested in diving, there is a range of exciting sites to explore, from the dramatic rock formations of the Baths on Virgin Gorda to the treasure caves of Norman Island. What’s more, underwater in Anegada, divers are treated to a series of sunken shipwrecks which can be easily explored.

Ultimately, the BVIs are ideal for any kind of charter party, with its varied attractions sure to inspire and satisfy those on board.

The Award-winning Beauty of the US Virgin Islands

Located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, the US Virgin Islands are as resplendent in natural beauty as their British counterparts.

Named by Christopher Columbus after he encountered them during a voyage in 1493, this part of the Caribbean is home to unspoiled beaches, winding hiking trails, and sequestered bays ideal for a romantic retreat.

The waters which surround the islands are equally beautiful, with significant water visibility allowing divers and snorkelers to observe marine life in perfect clarity.

Recently named the 10th best beach in the world by Flightnetwork, Trunk Bay is a must-visit spot when discovering the US Virgin Islands

Now belonging to the National Park Service, Trunk Bay was recently named one of the 50 fifty best beaches in the world. Fringed by coral reefs and boasting plenty of superyacht friendly facilities, this part of the island chain is unquestionably an unmissable attraction of the US Virgin Islands.

Other standout points of the US Virgin Islands include the thriving St Croix, the modern scene of St Thomas, and the sandy beaches of St John.

Similar to the British Virgin Islands, visitors arriving on board a superyacht are able to easily island-hop or spend some time getting to know everything there is to know about one of the three principal islands.

Typically, St Thomas will serve as the ‘home port’ for superyacht charter vacations taking place in the US Virgin Islands. Due to its convenient access to the cruising grounds of the islands, visitors can enjoy boutique shopping and silver service dining when stepping off their yacht.

With various sights only open to those situated atop a sundeck, there’s every reason to get underway towards evening to enjoy a cocktail against a backdrop few have had the pleasure of taking in.

With a healthy contrast of lively and relaxed points of interest, guests can take island life at a pace they find desirable and experience everything on the terms which best suit their party.

In order to find out more regarding the itineraries possible around the above mentioned destinations, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all of the superyachts available for charter in the Virgin Islands.

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