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6 of the Top Things to do on a Thailand Yacht Charter

By Editorial Team   Last Updated: 31 March 2023

From its backdrop of gold-topped temples to its bountiful marine life awaiting discovery from your swimming platform, a Thailand yacht charter unquestionably has something for everyone.

Whether at home amongst the bustle of Bangkok or the peaceful paradise of the Phi Phi Islands, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your Thailand yacht charter itinerary amongst our handpicked selection of the top 6 things to do here below.

1. Snorkel or Dive at Mu Ko Similan National Park

Unsurprisingly, Thailand’s crystal clear waters and breath-taking rock formations create some of the world’s most spectacular diving sites, especially when we consider Mu Ko Similan National Park.

Beautiful coral garden reef with school fishes all colorful in Similan island, Thailand, Scuba diving Underwater seascape

Comprising of 11 granite islands roofed in tropical rainforest which plunge underwater to form gorgeous coral reefs peppered in a rainbow of marine life, this spot arguably boasts some of the world’s best underwater and above-water beauty. The 30-metre underwater visibility is what draws divers and snorkelers to this patch of the Indian Ocean, and the exotic array of marine life is what ensures they return time and time again. 

The dive sites are ideal for every experience level and offer dramatic granite boulder formations for unique seascapes on the west coast of the islands, whilst on the east coast white powered-sands slope from the surface to about 40 metres. The coral gardens extend all the way down and are teeming with fish, turtles, manta rays, moray eels, red grouper, and if you’re extra-vigilant white tip sharks, giant lobster and colossal tuna.

Keep your eyes peeled above water for white-bellied sea eagles, black kite bird species, bush tailed porcupine, flying lemur and over 16 species of bat. The white, sandy shorelines and impressive plethora of incredible species above and below you make this national park a must visit on your luxury yacht charter.

2. Bangkok Food Tour

boats in canal at Water Food Markets in Thailand
dishes at Thailand's Food Market

From street vendors to royal Thai cuisine, the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok is a plethora of delicious authentic food with culture and tradition behind each dish, and the best way to experience this gastronomy is on a food tour. On a private Bangkok food tour you’ll be guided from mouth-watering dish to dish on a delectable food journey. The tours are flexible, with many great yet undiscovered places to discover. At the heart of the experience is seasonal produce and an abundance of delicious discoveries, provided by friendly locals truly passionate about what they do.

You’ll pass local markets, taste seasonal tropical fruits and sweets, and visit prestigious restaurants - however, the tour guide's primary aim is to meet your desires in providing a bespoke tour to satisfy your taste buds. Your personal tour guide can provide local insight into the unique delicacies Thailand in renowned for on an exciting day like no other. Most of all, the food tour ensures that you leave Thailand having truly experienced what is means to be Thai.

3. Sarojin Essential Tranquillity Spa

A visit to Thailand would not be complete without treating yourself to a world-class purifying treatment in equally tranquil surroundings. For an outstanding luxurious Thailand experience book a day or two for yourself at Sarojin Essential Tranquillity Spa, a secluded haven floating over the main estuary of The Sarojin and hidden from view by fishtail palms.

A chef prepares a meal on a BBQ at the Sarojin Essential Tranquillity Spa in Thailand
Sarojin Essential Tranquillity Spa in ThailandSarojin Essential Tranquillity Spa in Thailand

The Sarojin Spa is privileged to have been able to preserve some of the traditions from the Ancient Kingdom of Thailand in a lavish selection of natural body treatments using local herbs, trees, flowers and fruits to rejuvenate the body and mind. You’ll be immersed in Asia’s magical oriental paradise with secluded couples’ baths, treatment pavilions, post-treatment relaxation lounge areas set among natural surroundings and a stilted Yoga and Tai Chi deck shaded by palms.

If you wish to extend this peace and quiet for a little longer The Sarojin has a no-restriction policy when it comes to private dining and offers a variety of locations to ensure guests have the most relaxing experience possible on their visit to Thailand.

4. Kayaking Below Thailand's Towering Islands

Thailand islands with towering karst and traditional long boat

To fully submerse yourself in Thailand’s majestic islands and to explore what treasures are hidden away inside, grab your kayaks and canoe through veiled sea-cave tunnels in the rock, lying as horizontal as possible as you wait to emerge through the light at the end. Soon enough you’ll swerve into a perfect, circular lagoon of blue-green water surrounded on all sides by cliffs, creeping with vines and vegetation, which reach impossibly high into the immaculate skies. There are only two ways into these lagoons, by boat or by helicopter - ideal for superyachts equipped with both.

Completely enclosed, you'll leave the rest of the world behind you as you're hit by the scale and majestic nature of these islands as you paddle serenely around these secret pearls immersed in Thailand’s vibrant nature.

The hotspot Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Island is unquestionably where The Beach (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) was filmed, and is incredibly beautiful. For utter solitude when you visit, however, make sure you visit in the early morning to avoid crowds. For some of the most exclusive places to kayak, visit Koh Yao Noi and Ao Nang for an enticing combination of untouched beaches, hollow islands (hongs) and karst scenery.

5. Island Hopping

Thailand’s west and east coasts are host to an incredible array of islands awaiting exploration. As you meander between Thailand’s islands you’ll discover what makes Thailand magical. This experience is its most enjoyable on a luxury yacht charter, with the freedom to visit as many secluded beaches, diving destinations, coves and sunbathing spots without the crowds. 

To ensure your island hopping experience is as relaxing and luxurious as your mode of travel, it is advisable to avoid Ko Chang, Ko Si Chang and Ko Pha Ngan, three islands which are very popular with backpackers and tourists.

For those of you looking to get to know the local animal life, head to Phi Phi Island and the hidden cove Monkey Bay to meet a colony of monkies well-known locally for their confident and slightly mischievous nature. It's best to visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

6. Loi Krathong, Festival of Light

Thailand more than the pristine beaches and turquoise waters its has become famous for, but also a truly magical and sacred place with a vibrant and outgoing culture. Held annually one night in November, during prime chartering time in Thailand, the ‘festival of lights’ descends on the country’s waters and skies during Loi Krathong for a truly mystical experience. On this particular night, on nearly every expanse of water, be it a river, lake or the ocean, and evening skyscape you'll notice thousands of lights.

Gently flickering, dipping and dancing in the breeze as they go, making a spectacular sight. On your charter yacht you’ll not only have the best view of these ‘ballrooms’ extending for miles out to sea, but you’ll have the perfect venue for hosting your own private luxury celebration in the setting sun – complete with your own lanterns and krathongs (vibrant flower covered mini-floats with incense and candles) waiting to be released for that wish of good fortune. Wherever you visit in Thailand in November you can be sure you’ll catch a glimpse of this dazzling display.

If Thailand's experiences are something you want to explore further, then take the time to view the wide range of luxury yachts available for charter in Thailand before talking to your preferred charter broker about planning an itinerary.

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