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6 of the best Caribbean islands for foodies to visit by superyacht

By Rebecca Bradbury   Last Updated: 19 May 2023

The Caribbean, known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, is also a haven for food enthusiasts. Whether you're sailing on a superyacht or exploring the islands, the culinary scene in the Caribbean is sure to delight your taste buds. Read on to discover six of the best Caribbean islands for foodies to visit during your superyacht charter vacation.

The Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures and these international influences, from Europe and America to Asia and the Middle East, all feature heavily in the region's cooking alongside delicious home-grown specialties, it's simply sublime.

Add to this the cruising hotspot's abundant supply of seafood, freshly-picked tropical fruits and tantalizing spices, and the result is a varied, vibrant and wonderfully flavour-packed cuisine. What's more, whether you're after classical fine dining or a street food snack on your yacht charter vacation, the Caribbean has got you covered.

1. Puerto Rico, Greater Antilles

In recent years, Puerto Rico has been carving out a reputation for itself as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Combining Spanish, American and First Nation influences, its ever-evolving food scene is unlike any other in the region.

Pork and peppers feature heavily on dinner plates throughout the island, with roast pig on a spit a particular favourite. But yacht-goers after a more exclusive dining experience will not be disappointed with the choice of first-rate restaurants in the capital city of San Juan.

Spearheaded by Michelin-starred chef Juan Jose Cuevas, 1919 Restaurant offers contemporary fine dining with locally sourced produce, award-winning Augusto’s Cuisine is popular among the city’s elite and Santaella serves up modern Puerto Rican fare in industrial-chic surrounds.   

Away from the city on your Caribbean charter, a tantalizing array of fried snacks can be sampled at roadside stalls. It’s definitely worth stepping ashore to try out the coconut arepas, beef-filled plantains known as piononos, and bacalaítos, a mix of pancake dough and salted cod.

2. St Martin, Leeward Islands

beach-side table is set for dining as the sun sets over the horizon in St Martin
seared scallops served in fine dining restaurant in St Martin
delicious Caribbean lobster served with crusty bread
red octopus served in St Martin restaurant

An island of two personalities, this Leeward Islands gem has a diverse array of dishes for Caribbean superyacht guests to sample from classical European cuisine to West Indian curries. But with more than 400 restaurants spread across the island's 37 square meters, it can be hard deciding where to book a table on a yacht charter.

Grand Case, located in the French part of Saint Martin, is home to many upscale waterfront restaurants, including the Bistrot Caraibes, where monster-size lobsters, smoked duck breast salad and braised red snapper with creamy saffron mussel sauce are bestsellers on the menu.   

Delicious food thrives in the Dutch side of St Maartin too, with unmissable eateries in Cupecoy and Simpson Bay and numerous road-side barbecue stands known locally as lolos. 

Don’t set sail on your Caribbean yacht charter without trying a tipple of the local Guavaberry liqueur, made from oak-aged rum, cane sugar and a rare berry harvested from bushes that grow in the central highlands of the island.

3. St Lucia, Windward Islands

The French-inspired cuisine served in the elegant waterfront eateries of St Lucia is as spectacular as the surroundings. This is high praise indeed, considering the island’s remarkable natural beauty.   

For a table with a view, try out world-renowned restaurant Dasheene where classic St Lucian dishes such as roast conch in a yam basket can be enjoyed against the stunning backdrop of the Pitons, the island’s famous twin peaks.

Or, take the superyacht tender to the Rainforest Hideaway, located in the idyllic conservation area of Marigot Bay. Boasting a menu of Creole-infused European food, the magical waterside spot can only be accessed by boat, which is perfect for luxury yacht-goers.

Despite a plethora of fine dining opportunities, discerning travellers should not shy away from local delicacies such as the national dish of salt fish and green fig, a stew of dried salted codfish and boiled green banana.

Classic St Lucian dishes such as roast conch in a yam basket can be enjoyed against the stunning backdrop of the Pitons

4. Anguilla, Lesser Antilles

beautiful beach-side restaurant Mango's in Anguilla
Mango's restaurant in Anguilla serves up snapper
Mango's restaurant in Anguilla serves up crayfish
Mango's restaurant in Anguilla serves up kingfish

The award-winning dining scene on the tiny British isle of Anguilla has rapidly transformed from culinary backwater to gastronomic paradise, satisfying the palates of the SuperyachtSet who holiday there.     

For an island of such small stature, there is a surprisingly large variety of cuisine on offer; ranging from some of the finest Italian and French food to beach shacks serving freshly-caught grilled lobster and crayfish dripping with buttery sauces.

Blanchards, an upscale eatery in Meads Bay, is renowned for its creative and eclectic menu, Mango's in Barnes Bay is a favourite thanks to its fish specialities and Harbour Island’s Hibernia Restaurant rustles up unorthodox yet delectable culinary pairings.

A thriving street food scene, however, is a mainstay of the island’s local culture and charm. Beachside barbecues and roadside carts cook up traditional local snacks, such as deep-fried fritters, soursop – also known as prickly custard apple - and Anguilla Johnny Cakes, which are bagel-sized fried biscuits.

5. St Barts, French Antilles – Leeward islands

dinner is served in La Guerite in Gustavia

As one of the world’s most sophisticated destinations, it’s no surprise that St Barts is home to delectable five-star dining. Most menus feature freshly caught fish and top-quality ingredients shipped in from Paris and sensational wine lists are guaranteed. It's a must for superyacht charter guests in the Caribbean.

The red-roofed capital of Gustavia is home to a fine selection of restaurants. Among the best are French establishment Le Sapotillier, the happening harbor-side offering La Guerite and Maya’s Restaurant, which is renowned for its eclectic Creole cuisine.

Luxury charter guests who prefer dining beach-side should try out On the Rocks, which serves up gourmet classics overlooking the idyllic Bay of St Jean, and Christian Liaigre-designed Le Restaurant des Pecheurs on Grand Cul de Sac beach. 

Reservations are a must over the Christmas period as is sampling the island’s signature drink. Named ‘ti punch’, the rum concoction is similar to a Brazilian Caipirinha.

Trinidad and Tabago offers a culinary adventure like no other, ensuring travellers never go hungry

6. Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

waitress serves huge plate of Caribbean lobster in beautiful beach-side restaurant
beach-side barbecue serves up delicious snapper burger in Trinidad
fried conch is served from road-side vendor in Trinidad
roti is enjoyed from street-side vendor in St James, Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago offer a culinary experience like no other for superyacht charters in the Caribbean. A rich mix of African, Indian, Chinese, European and Middle Eastern influences, the food on offer is jam-packed with flavors and sure to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.  

The easily accessible street food culture in Trinidad is arguably the best in the region, with edible offerings ranging from roti, jerk meats and Creole corn soup to spicy chow dishes, coconut jelly and home-made ice cream.

Eat like a local and head to St James in the Port of Spain, which is abuzz with vendors selling their freshly cooked fare. More elite dining is to be had, however, at the benchmark-setting Mediterranean restaurant Aioli, upscale Indian eatery Apsara or, for the best steaks and most impressive wine cellar on the island, Prime Restaurant.

Tobago likewise has its share of upmarket eateries, including the romantic Kariwak Village Restaurant, Italian La Tartaruga and Blue Crab Restaurant, which serves up hearty creole dishes for yacht charter guests.

charter guests recline on chaise loungers and enjoy cocktails on beautiful white sand beach

For more details on visiting these islands by luxury yacht, contact your preferred charter broker.

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