5 amazing blue caves you have to visit during a superyacht charter In Greece

By Editorial Team   6 September 2017

Abounding in natural beauty, Greece is home to numerous awe-inspiring formations and unforgettable landscapes.When it comes to a private yacht charter vacation in the country’s waters, however, it is the blue caves which sit at the top of the list.

From the iconic Blue Cave of Meis to the Blue Grotto of Kastellorizo, the blue caves of Greece have intrigued travellers and natives for centuries. Indeed, historians have evidence that suggests some of these caves were once used as sites to worship ancient Gods.

Nowadays, the various caves are populated by discerning visitors keen to enjoy the very best spectacles the world has to offer, with some choosing to cool off with a leisurely swim in the azure waters.

The perfect stop off along an island-hopping itinerary in Greece, the blue caves promise to delight just as much as the attractions found around the mainland.

In this article, we take a look at 5 of the best blue caves to visit during a superyacht charter in Greece.

1. Melissani Lake Cave

Accessed via an underground passage on the east coast of the island of Kefalonia, the Melissani Lake Cave is a crystal blue cave with a truly magical history.

More specifically, it is said to have been the home of the Nymphs who would gather to dance and sing around the spectacular natural formation.

A few centuries ago, the roof of the cave collapsed, allowing sunlight to filter in from above, making the attraction even more beautiful.

A descent into mythical Greece, the Melissani Lake Cave is a perfect spot to explore during a luxury yacht charter vacation

Due to the hole in the roof, the cave is best visited around noon when the sun is at its highest, creating the illusion that the water and surroundings are wholly blue.

With locally crafted gondolas and oarsmen on hand to take a charter party around the cave, experiencing this natural wonder is nothing short of amazing.

There is also a man-made balcony at the top of the cave to allow visitors a better vantage point from which to view the sight below.

2. The Blue Caves Of Zakynthos

Discovered in 1897 by explorer Antonio Komouto, the Blue Caves of Zakynthos have since attracted visitors on the lookout for a peaceful swim and snorkel spot.

With objects and people appearing to turn blue once they enter the water surrounding the  rock formations, time spent here promises to be a truly unique experience.

Perfect for luxury yacht charters taking place around the Ionian islands, these blue caves are especially good for an afternoon with any available water toys and tenders.

Once everyone has had their fun out on the water, it’s also advisable to get on board one of the locally crewed glass bottom boats to get a better look at the colourful marine life which abounds in this part of Greece.

3. The Blue Grotto

Located on the south side of the island of Kastellorizo, the Blue Grotto is unquestionably one of the most exciting sights to be seen in the Mediterranean.

Measuring 75 meters in length, 40 meters in width, and 35 meters in height, the grotto opens up from a small access point to reveal a world of outstanding tranquility.

Ideally visited in the morning when the sun illuminates the interior of the cave to its fullest extent, this attraction presents a great opportunity for equipping some snorkelling gear and indulging a lengthy swim.

Frequently visited by native sea lions, charter guests can also be assured of some intriguing company when spending time at the Blue Grotto.

4. The Blue Caves Of Alonnisos

Situated a short distance from the beautifully unspoiled Lalarias beach, the Blue Caves Of Alonnisos offer visitors the chance to enjoy a swim with fantastic underwater visibility.

The limestone formations themselves provide an adequate amount of shading which makes this spot an attractive choice no matter what time of day charter guests arrive.

In close proximity to the Alonnisos marine park, the Blue Caves are an unmissable attraction in this part of Greece

Effortlessly navigated by kayak, the waters around these caves can also be enjoyed as part of a guided tour which also visits the nearby marine park.

Just as beautiful as the other blue caves of Greece, those in Alonnisos enjoy a relative obscurity which means that visitors are often able to enjoy them entirely by themselves.

5. Papanikolis Cave

Belonging to the small island of Meganisi a short distance from Lefkada, the Papanikolis Cave is second largest to be found anywhere in Greece.

Lit up by the glittering sunlight which reflects off the waters, the interior of the cave is an enchanting retreat to get immersed in throughout the day.

Historically providing shelter to boats caught out in bad weather, the formation is now the preserve of intrepid visitors seeking out a cool place to dip into.

In order to find out how any of the above mentioned blue caves can be visited during a yacht charter in Greece, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all of the superyachts available for charter in Greece.

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