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4 Of The Best Spots In The Jardines del Rey

By Oliver Pearson   Last Updated: 2 June 2023

An impressive assembly of cays and islands close to Cuba, the Jardines del Rey is host to an awe-inspiring fusion of Cuban and Latin influences. With a wide variety of beaches, impressive sites and cuisine options, visitors quickly realise why it has come to be known as the ‘King’s Gardens’. 

Off the Northern coast of Cuba, the Jardines del Rey is composed of four of the most desirable chartering destinations, offering outstanding possibilities to those cruising its waters.

Indeed, when visited by either sailing yacht or motor yacht, the undisturbed beauty of these spots is only emphasised by how nicely secluded they are from the busy metropolises which exist close to other destinations.

In this piece, we take a look at some of the essential spots to stop-off at when enjoying a luxury yacht charter vacation in Cuba.

Cayo Guillermo

Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Guillermo

Located on the North coast of Cuba between the Bay of Dogs and the Atlantic Ocean, Cayo Guillermo established its international reputation in the 60s when deep-sea fishers realized its huge potential.

In characteristic Caribbean style, its beaches are resplendent with palm trees and white sands fringe its lush blue waters. For those looking for a charter destination that comfortably accommodates divers and relaxers, Guillermo offers the perfect solution.

Fittingly, Earnest Hemingway captured the beauty of the island in the climax of his novel 'Islands In The Stream', a gesture that earned him a beach named in his honor.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco

Famous for its long beaches and stunning sunset views, Cayo Coco in central Cuba offers a real insight into Caribbean beach culture. With a firm commitment to its visitors, the island offers the latest and best in services in a highly preserved environment.

As a popular vacation destination, the island brings together contemporary and traditional cuisine options and the best bars in which to sample the drinks Cuba is famous for.

Providing an exceptional alternative to Cuba’s vibrant city culture, the Jardines del Rey captures the ineffable spirit of tranquility

Cayo Romano

Floating hotel at Cayo Romano
The remains of a tree around Cayo Romano

The largest of Jardines del Rey’s cays, Cayo Romano is situated on the Northern coast of Cuba and comprises 300 square miles of unblemished landscape.

Popular amongst birdwatchers, fishers, and loungers, Cayo Romano’s beaches are every part the Caribbean ideal- there are no resorts on the coast, meaning that it’s all white sand, sun, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

Cayo Sabinal

Cayo Sabinal

The real lost gem of Cuba’s islands, Cayo Sabinal is located 15 miles from the North coast of Santa Lucia and owes its obscurity to being a little off the beaten path.

A perfect retreat for those chartering the busy spots of Cuba, Cayo Sabinal is so tranquil it regularly attracts deer and horses in its surrounding woodlands.

With Playa Brava within walking distance, the desire for an idyllic experience is never far from being satisfied.

In order to find out more regarding how to combine your time onboard a luxury yacht with a visit to these destinations, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all luxury yachts available for charter in Cuba.

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