Costa Rica Luxury Yacht Charters

A yacht charter in Costa Rica provides endless ways to experience a combination of awe-inspiring natural beauty, wonderful wildlife and pure Costa Rican culture. Whether whale watching along the coast, sunbathing on a secluded beach in the Osa Peninsular, taking to the waves for some water sports action or relaxing in hot springs, Costa Rica offers a diverse and exciting charter vacation.

Costa Rica Luxury Yacht Charter Guide
Located at the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the Pacific. Yet, with a coastline bordering the Caribbean Sea too, the country is also a great starting point for a charter vacation in the idyllic waters of the Caribbean. The best time to visit Costa Rica is in its dry season, which runs from late November to late April, although its boasts moderate climes year round.

Yacht Charters in Costa Rica
A yacht charter in Costa Rica usually starts in the lively port town of Puerto Caldera on the north Pacific coast, which acts as a gateway to the idyllic and secluded southern coast. Along the way, discover waters overflowing with coral and tropical fish, and lush jungle-clad interiors that create a truly unforgettable charter experience.

Charter Itineraries in Costa Rica 
On Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, discover the Tortuguero National Park, home to exotic animals and flowers, and discoverable by foot, boat or zip line. Whereas on the Pacific Coast, highlights include Isla del Cano, one of the planet’s top dive sites, the spectacular beaches and wildlife of Curu National Wildlife Refuge, and the idyllic white sandy beaches of the Island of Tortuga. Other unique attractions that make Costa Rica such as fantastic superyacht destination are the surfing opportunities of Pavones, the bioluminescence of tiny plankton at night in the waters of Zancudo, and the secluded and beautiful Osa Peninsular.       

Costa Rica Private Yacht Charters
For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in the wonderfully diverse destination of Costa Rica, please contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker. They will be able to help you plan your dream itinerary, combining their first-hand recommendations with your party’s needs and wishes.

Crewed Charter Yachts in Costa Rica

20 Yachts for charter in Costa Rica
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North Star Yacht Charter in Costa RicaNorth Star yacht charter lifestyle
from $430,000 p/week
Andiamo Yacht Charter in Costa RicaAndiamo yacht charter lifestyle
from $395,000 p/week
Lauren L Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Lauren L36Charter Guests

90m Cassens-Werft

90m   2002/2008

from $817,000 p/week♦︎*

Planet Nine Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Planet Nine12Charter Guests

73m Admiral Yachts

73m   2018

from $650,000 p/week

Sherakhan Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Sherakhan26Charter Guests

70m Vuyk

70m   2005/2017

from $425,000 p/week

Ragnar Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Ragnar12Charter Guests

68m Royal Niestern Sander

68m   2012/2020

from $525,000 p/week

Seanna Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Seanna12Charter Guests

65m Benetti

65m   2011

from $462,000 p/week

Silver Angel Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Silver Angel12Charter Guests

65m Benetti

65m   2009

from $425,000 p/week

North Star Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

North Star12Charter Guests

63m Sunrise Yachts

63m   2019

from $430,000 p/week

Andiamo Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Andiamo12Charter Guests

59m Benetti

59m   2009/2017

from $395,000 p/week

Driftwood Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Driftwood12Charter Guests

55m Amels

55m   2017

from $275,000 p/week

Odessa Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Odessa12Charter Guests

50m Turquoise

50m   2007/2017

from $200,000 p/week

Highlander Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Highlander12Charter Guests

49m Feadship

49m   1986/2014

from $150,000 p/week

Lady S Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Lady S10Charter Guests

46m Benetti

46m   1989/2018

from $120,000 p/week

Big Fish Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Big Fish10Charter Guests

45m McMullen & Wing

45m   2010

from $245,000 p/week

Lady Leila Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Lady Leila10Charter Guests

40m Horizon

40m   2008/2018

from $110,000 p/week*

Safira Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Safira10Charter Guests

39m Newcastle

39m   2013/2015

from $110,000 p/week

Imagine Yacht Charter in Costa Rica

Imagine7Charter Guests

34m Alloy Yachts

34m   1993/2008

from $45,000 p/week

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