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Guide to China

China, as the world’s most populous country, offers a yacht charter full of variety and a fascinating hybridisation of Asian and Western culture. Its blend of historical and contemporary landmarks which dot the rural landscape, inhabited by bustling urban areas, can satisfy every kind of traveller. China charter yachts can unlock a world of awe-inspiring artefacts and landmarks which line the landscape of the oldest living civilisation, delectable local delicacies and stunning scenery. Exploring the waters of the Pacific Ocean has never before led to so much possibility.

Surrounded by the Bohai, Yellow, East and South China Sea, China’s vast waters are home to more than 5,000 islands, each with its own vibrant culture and fascinating personality. The largest of the islands are Taiwan, found in the east, and Hainan located in the south, famous for its pristine beaches.

Rising in global notoriety as host to SO! Hainan and Hainan Rendez-Vous, Hainan may be the smallest province in the People's Republic of China, but is big on luxury. Boasting a tropical climate all year round and unforgettable scenery, Hainan and Sanya, found on Hainan Island, are not to be missed on a China yacht charter vacation. Yalong Bay and the surrounding beaches and national parks found along the 2km coastline offer both natural beauty and delightful seafood delicacies to try.

From forest steppes and the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts of the north to the subtropical greenery of the south, China’s immense landscape is richly diverse. The breath-taking vantage points from the iconic Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir and Tian Shan mountain range that border the China and South and Central Asia divide are a must-see for any China yacht charter vacation. Explore the mythical Forbidden City, find yourself in awe of the Great Wall or meet the captivating Terracotta Warriors one day of your charter itinerary, and the next surrounded by slick skyscrapers, wandering past luxury cars and watching the Maglev trains pass by.

Look no further than Dalian for your luxury charter yacht to complement glamourous surroundings. An impressive coastline and lively atmosphere has made Dalian the capital of China’s international yachting scene, successfully hosting events such as the SO! Dalian luxury yacht show. Offering a traditionally beautiful waterside featuring stunning archaic monuments and beautiful beaches such as Dalian Beach, the Lushun area is a thriving hotspot to visit.

If you are interested in a yachting vacation in China, view all luxury yachts for charter in China and contact your preferred charter broker to discuss a charter itinerary. 

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