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Guide to Asia

A patchwork quilt of culture, cuisine and natural beauty

Reaching from the Middle East to the South Pacific, Asia encompasses a plethora of nations, each offering a charter vacation unlike any other. With stunning natural beauty, vibrant futuristic cities and exquisite cuisine, Asia is brimmed with an energetic and colourful charm which will captivate each and every visitor.

The exotic Orient is encompassed by China, Hong Kong and Japan where fascinating cultures and spectacular scenic views come together in dramatic harmony. Two of the world’s oldest civilisations, China and Japan, offer the culture vultures of the world an unforgettable experience, with a myriad of cities that never sleep. These bustling cities radiate a tangible buzz which will enthral even the most unsuspecting visitor. This enigmatic continent is increasing in popularity each year, welcoming more and more superyachts into its enchanting azure waters.

Asia boasts an abundance of idyllic beaches, inspiring temples and intriguing ancient cultures which keeps visitors coming back time and again to explore more of this alluring destination. Though, aside from stunning scenery and vivacious surroundings, no account of Asia would be complete without a mention of its gastronomic charm. Renowned and loved by many cultures, Asian cuisine has been adopted all over the world though nowhere else can you taste the authenticity of an Asian dish than Asia itself. Treat your taste buds to the tingling sensations of explosive flavours and mouth-watering spices which will not only awaken your senses but also satisfy your appetite.

China offers an array of dramatic contrasts, from the iconic histories of the Great Wall and Forbidden City to atmospheric markets, designer shopping and cosmopolitan people. Cruise along China’s longest river, the Yangtze and admire the rich and bountiful scenery from the decks of your superyacht. Revel in the fast paced capital of Beijing where ornate temples and monumental palaces encapsulate the heart of Chinese culture. The contemporary metropolis of Hong Kong combines glamour, beauty and sleek business culture. From open-air restaurants and thriving cocktail bars to astounding countryside and stunning landscape views, Hong Kong offers a truly remarkable charter experience, whilst Japan evokes images of geisha culture, samurai villages and cherry blossoms in bloom. Japan offers a myriad of sights to be seen, from the indulgent high life of ultra-modern cities to the unique cultural traditions; an unmissable experience for those looking for a voyage of enchanting discovery.

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will fall in love with Asia, with the opportunity to admire some of the world's most iconic endangered species such as the tiger, panda and the orang-utan. The snow-capped mountains, undulating hills, aquatic life and stunning shorelines make a yacht charter of Asia an unforgettable experience.

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