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What can you expect on board a superyacht for over $1 million per week?



The world’s most expensive charter yachts all have one thing in common, they are packed from bow to stern with the kind of state-of-the-art features and luxury amenities most people can only dream of. From sprawling beach clubs to multi-tiered spas, find out what you can expect on board one of these superyachts.

If you are keen to learn exactly what justifies these yachts' enormous price tags, read on and discover the wealth of high-luxury benefits they offer that you wouldn't experience on board a smaller yacht.

High crew-to-guest ratio

Champagne bucket and glasses on board a charter yacht
Crew member of yacht hands out hot towels to guests as they arrive back to the yacht on a tenderChief stewardess on board super yacht polished cutlery and glasses while wearing white gloves on board

As well as the amenities, you can expect sterling service from the crew, who are highly-trained to provide attentive and discreet on-board comfort and care. No task is too small or too big, and the crew will endeavor to go above and beyond to provide the most sensational charter experience for guests. 

Whether that means chartering a helicopter to transport your favourite food on board, or creating an incredible party at a moments' notice, the crew are meticulously trained and committed to you and your needs.

On-board extras

Charter guests do fitness programme on board luxury yachtCharter guests do yoga session on the aft deck of a yacht
Crew on board charter superyacht gives massage to her guest on deck

On board the most expensive yachts, the crew will be able to take on different roles to provide the best possible experience for you.

Expert masseurs will be able to ease away any tension and leave you feeling rebalanced, while beauticians will be on hand to provide manicures, hair styling or pampering body treatments. 

What's more, you can keep up your fitness regime at sea thanks to personal fitness trainers, and you can expect to feel refreshed and revitalised throughout your charter thanks to guided yoga and wellness sessions from on-board professionals. 

Aboard select yachts, you can even take advantage of on-board scuba diving instructors. 

VIP transport

Helicopter landing pad on board superyacht
Charter guests leave their superyacht by tender and enjoy the views and some champagneCharter guest on superyacht looks out over Monaco from on board limo tender

Whether your yacht has a custom Limo tender or a fully-certified Helipad, you can expect to enjoy VIP entrances and exits on board a yacht for over $1 million per week.

With access to a fully-certified Helipad, you can charter a helicopter to take you exploring by air. Having a helipad also greatly simplifies the arrival and departure process. What's more, you will be able to access some of the best venues on land, as more and more prestigious restaurants and beach clubs install their own private helipads. 

On a private yacht charter, you will find many places you want to access on shore can only be reached via tender. With that in mind, having a sleek and stylish tender will distinguish you and your charter yacht from the run-of-the-mill tenders also arriving on shore.

Gourmet dining

Charter guests are served food in front of pool on board megayacht
Fine dining cuisine on white plate on board a charter yacht
Yacht chef garnishes plate of food with flower

Yacht chefs are trained to an incredibly high standard, and on the most expensive charter yachts you can expect an unparalleled dining experience.

A lot of the time, the chefs will be Michelin-starred, with a wealth of experience at their disposal. No gastronomic feat is too challenging for these ambitious and competent chefs.

The food on board yachts which cost over $1 million per week will be far better than in any restaurant. What's more, each dish is specifically created to your tastes, so you are guaranteed to enjoy everything that comes out of the galley. Choose when and where your meal is served, and expect an unforgettable culinary taste sensation. 

The latest water toys and accessories

On board these megayachts, you can expect some of the most impressive toys and accessories at your fingertips. Experience thrills as you fly across the water on an e-foiling surf board, or dive beneath the waves on a Seabob.

For more leisurely fun, you can enjoy inflatable toys, ranging from slides and trampolines to climbing walls and extending swim platforms.

Plus, on many of the largest superyachts you can also enjoy scuba-diving with the help of trained instructors. You will have all the equipment you need on board, so whether you're a scuba pro or a diving beginner, you can experience the wonders of the sea while enjoying your luxury yacht charter. 

Why are these yachts so expensive to rent?

These yachts may seem expensive, but when you take certain factors into consideration this price tag becomes easier to swallow.

The first factor is crew-to-guest ratio. The larger the yacht, the more crew will be on hand to accommodate your every wish. The crew are all there to make your experience the best it can be, and are exclusively trying to anticipate your every need. 

The second thing to factor in is volume. As yachts get bigger, it's not just their length which increases; its also the breadth, thus increasing overall interior and exterior volume of the yacht. This creates so much more space for you to enjoy on board, particularly when compared to yachts with a lower LOA.

Running costs are another important thing to factor in, as these megayachts require a lot of maintenance, fuel and upkeep in order for them to run smoothly.

The final thing to consider is craftsmanship. Most of the yachts mentioned in this article come from the most esteemed yacht builders in the world, and as such, you can expect the finest quality down to the very last detail; from increased noise reduction to a smoother cruising experience.

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