The Best Water Toys for an Amazing Yacht Charter



Yacht toys on a charter see your exclusive floating paradise extended to an entire oceanic playground. Whether it’s zipping through the open waters on a jet ski as a sea breeze hugs your skin, or admiring nature's finest below the surface on a Seabob adventure, water toys certainly enliven any yacht charter vacation. But which stand out as the best to have onboard? From wakeboards and slides, to paddleboards and hydrofoils, here's our pick of the best water toys to have for the ultimate yacht rental experience.


People using seabobs

Fun factor

Ease of use

From leisurely gliding through the water like a dolphin to speeding through them for an adrenaline-seeking rush, a Seabob provides ultimate maneuverability at sea. It's an exhilarating, eco-friendly underwater experience (thanks to its E-Jet Power drive, using 100% electric propulsion) that can see you dive meters under the surface. Taking diving to a new dimension, they are incredibly easy to use: a light pressure on the handlebars allows you to steer the Seabob with great agility, only requiring you to gently shift your body to change direction.

Your crew will gladly be on hand to show you the ropes before you set off. 

A Seabob provides ultimate maneuverability for subaquatic excursions


Jet ski sea doo

Fun factor

Ease of use

Powering through the waves on Sea-Doo is a spine-tinglingly fun way to spend a sunkissed afternoon. One one of the most sought-after watercraft brands on the markets, a Sea-Doo is a type of jet ski particularly well-suited to beginners, and ticks all the boxes for the most avid thrill-seekers, It's best for older teens and above.

Before you begin your ride, you will be given clear instructions beforehand by a fully-trained professional on your charter.

Water slides

Woman going down water slide on a yacht

Fun factor

Ease of use

Offering a vitalizing rush into the shimmering blue in mere seconds, charter yachts with a water slide onboard take you from sundeck to sea in a flash. An all-around favorite, water slides delight both the young (and the young at heart!), and are especially popular with family yacht charters. It's not hard to see why: adults can unwind in the Jacuzzi and enjoy some much-deserved R & R, whilst little ones have hours of fun splashing on the slide under the watchful eye of crew. A good night's sleep for all is practically guaranteed.

Offering a vitalizing rush, a water slide on a charter yacht takes you from sundeck to sea in a flash


Woman paddleboarding
Man and woman stand up paddleboarding on ocean. Young couple are doing watersport on sea. Male and female tourists are in swimwear during summer vacation.Family Having Fun Stand Up Paddling Together in the Ocean on Beautiful Sunny Morning

Fun factor

Ease of use

Paddleboarding, also known as SUP (stand up paddling) is a blissful way to experience the sea in an entirely new light, lapping up the natural splendor of your surrounds in total tranquility. Easy to master for all ages, it's a gloriously serene activity to do with friends or family. Gliding through lush lagoons, peaceful coves and illuminated caves at your own pace on a paddleboard is a must-do during any yacht charter.

Easy to master for all ages, it's a gloriously serene activity to do with friends or family


Yacht charter flyboardingMan flyboarding
Man flyboarding

Fun factor

Ease of use

Daredevils, this one is for you. If you thought darting through the ocean on a jet ski was the ultimate fast-paced watersport, then you absolutely have to give a flyboard a go. Strap on water-jet power boots and be rocketed up to 12 meters into the air for an unrivaled buzz at sea. 

Flyboards can provide a high-powered kick for when leisurely bronzing on your sundeck starts to tire, but its not a water toy we strongly recommend for beginners or children. These are best suited to experienced watersport aficionados, as finding your balance whilst hovering above the waters is no easy feat, even if is an incredible feeling once mastered.

You won't be alone to get to grips with using a flyboard: a trained crew member will give you a thorough safety briefing on usage before soaring.


Woman wakeboarding

Skimming through the waves on a wakeboard as you are pulled at speed behind the yacht's tender is a fine art that can take a few tries before fully excelling. But once accomplished, the joy of whizzing and performing tricks out on the glittering seas will see you return to wakeboarding again and again. Teens and adults alike will adore taking this seatoy out for a spin, but it will require a brief safety briefing from a crewmember prior to testing.

Fun factor

Ease of use


Man windsurfing
Man windsurfing

Fun factor

Ease of use

Embrace the power of the wind with windsurfing, with the required equipment featuring on many a yacht rental. For watersport enthusiasts keen to add to their repertoire of sea activities, a spot of windsurfing should satisfy, but it will certainly require some training sessions prior to venturing out into blue. This can easily be arranged on your yacht charter — a member of your crew will be able to assist you so you can glide through the waves with ease in no time at all!

For watersport enthusiasts keen to add to their repertoire of sea activities, a spot of windsurfing should satisfy


Trampoline on a yacht

Fun factor

Ease of use

Bouncing to your heart's content on an inflatable trampoline is a sure-fire way to have some fun on your yacht charter — and we aren't just talking about the kids! A common feature many yacht rentals, these can range from 15-25ft and can easily be attached to a raft of inflatables to form your very own private waterpark. Easy to use (just jump!) they usually come with steps to ensure comfortable access in and out of the water. A fantastic way to entertain the energetic on your yacht charter vacation.


Interested in one of the above water toys on your next yacht rental? Please consult your chosen yacht broker about the yacht toys you would prefer to have, as they will be able to select vessels that match your desired selection. Not all yacht charters will necessarily have your preferred toy choices but can be arranged beforehand, which is why it is essential to inform your broker about your preferences before booking.

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