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How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Yacht Charter



Sustainability is a growing trend permeating the yachting sector, as yacht designers increasingly embrace green technologies and produce more innovative solutions that guests can take advantage of when deciding on a yacht rental. Charterers are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and are keen to opt for a charter that provides a five-star hotel experience at sea while also helping to preserve the spellbinding beauty of the oceans they cruise on.

From selecting a vessel that minimizes your environmental footprint to requesting greener practices onboard, we show you how to have a more environmentally friendly yacht charter.

Choose an eco-friendly yacht

You can significantly reduce your impact at sea is by choosing an eco-friendly charter yacht that is specially designed and equipped with advanced green technology. And this doesn't mean compromising on your yacht charter experience — you can absolutely still live in the lap of luxury.  Take the majestic superyacht SAVANNAH seen below. The world's first hybrid vessel boasts an innovative eco-friendly design and features many extravagances. This includes a cinema, a nine-meter swimming pool, and a glass-bottomed underwater observation lounge to admire marine menageries below the surface.

Green superyachts such as SAVANNAH can provide stratospheric levels of comfort and still be eco-friendly

savannah superyacht
yacht savannah superyacht
interiors onboard yacht savannah

Green superyachts such as SAVANNAH can provide stratospheric levels of comfort and still have low levels of fuel consumption thanks to their hybrid propulsion systems. Others reduce carbon emissions or are fitted with solar panels to help power smaller appliances and minimize overall generator use.

Savannah 84m Feadship 2015 from €1,000,000 per week + expenses
dunia baru water toys

A reduction in noise pollution is a boon for charter guests — imagine diving off the beach club at anchor, without hearing the loud commotion of a diesel generator — but also for marine life.

Of course, the more traditional eco-option for cruising exists: sailing yachts, which use even less fuel and are practically silent in the waters.  A reduction in noise pollution is a boon for charter guests — imagine diving off the beach club at anchor, without hearing the loud commotion of a diesel generator — and for marine life. Underwater biodiversity can be disoriented or even harmed by the noise that can be emitted from colossal yacht engines.

While a number of yachts are pushing the eco-boundaries, it is worth noting that there is still limited availability for green yacht rentals. With this in mind, it would be wise to consult your yacht charter broker at least six months in advance prior to booking to ensure you get the yacht you desire.

Dunia Baru 51m Konjo Boat builders 2014 from $130,000 per week + expenses

Eat sustainably

sustainable seafood

Improving superyachts' environmental impact can certainly extend beyond selecting a green vessel. Request for your chef to shop seasonally and locally. This can help to minimize food miles, while also helping to support local communities and economies. Taking a farm-to-table approach means fresher ingredients and a more delectable offering for you onboard. After all, what can be better than lobster when it's just been plucked from the ocean, washed down with a flute of champagne?

Some yachts go a step further with outdoor gardens fitted on decks, providing a glorious array of fresh herbs and spices that chefs can pick from the sundeck to jazz up a meal or to sprinkle onto a cocktail.

Yachts for rent with outdoor gardens

Laurel 73m Delta Marine 2006 from $525,000 per week + expenses
Boadicea 77m Amels 1999 from $645,000 per week + expenses

Reduce waste

diving yacht charter

Add a recycling bin to your preference sheet when booking your charter vessel to help encourage better waste disposal practices. Yachts often produce a significant amount of waste and usually need to remove rubbish numerous times each day, and this can be an easy way for charterers to take control and seek greener alternatives. Crew can take additional steps at shore, ensuring that at each marina there are proper disposal systems for recycling for waste to be responsibly disposed of.

Opt for reef-friendly products

clownfish coral reef
coral reef
coral reef marine life

Certain chemicals used in some sunscreens can cause harm to coral reefs if the product seeps from your skin into the water

Requesting the use of guest amenities that do not damage aquatic life can be a simple yet effective way to have an environmentally friendly yacht charter. The main culprit here is usually sunscreen, but chemicals present in some shampoos, conditioners and lotions can also impact the marine environment. 

How? Certain chemicals used to protect humans against ultraviolet rays can cause harm to coral reefs if the product seeps from your skin into the water. These reefs provide some of the most important ecosystems on earth — and also offer some of the most spellbinding snorkelling and scuba sites in many charter cruising grounds like the Bahamas, Australia and the West Mediterranean.

As a yacht charter guest, you can mitigate this by requesting reef-friendly sunscreens, lotions and organic shampoo and conditioners on your preference sheet.

Remove single-use plastics

ocean pollution

Champion more sustainable practices during a charter by opting for a vessel that implements a no single-use plastic policy. This sees plastic water bottles on your vessel being replaced with reusable ones, plastic straws changed to those of the bamboo or metal variety, and water filtration systems being used to provide long-lasting benefits. The latter, usually installed in the pantry, can produce still or sparkling water and even comes with an instant boiling tap, decreasing the need for plastic.

Go for eco-friendly water toys

eco friendly hydrofoils
kayaking yacht charterwindsurfing yacht charter

Whipping out the water toys during a yacht charter is integral to many's experience, but not all options are eco-friendly. Luckily, there is an abundance of adrenalin-packed eco options available to use, meaning you can still zip through the seas without causing harm to the marine environment.

Hydrofoils and electric jet surfs are particularly great green options. Both are battery-powered, meaning there's no need to worry about air pollution, and thanks to the oodles of fun they provide, they are fast becoming a key toy in a superyacht's armada.

You also have existing water sports favorites like windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding which you can do anytime during your vacation that celebrate the seas as oppose to harming them.

Interested in a green yacht charter?

french riviera

Looking for your own floating palace at sea to be one that's eco-friendly? There's an ever-increasing range of impressive eco-friendly yacht charter options at your disposal. If you are interested in chartering an eco-friendly yacht please consult the advice of your chosen yacht charter broker. They can carefully curate your luxury vacation taking into account your individual needs and wishes.

Given that eco-yachts are a growing segment in yachting, we recommend booking at least six months in advance of your intended dates to cruise.

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