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The largest yacht in attendance at this year’s Mediterranean Yacht Show, the 72m/236ft motor yacht ‘O’pari 3’ looked every part the leading lady as she sat among the beautiful surroundings of Nafplio, Greece.

Perfectly at home in her native waters, O’Pari 3 is the largest yacht to date from Golden Yachts, the Greek shipyard responsible for the award-winning 40m/130ft motor yacht ‘O’Pati’ as well the similarly celebrated 53m/173ft motor yacht O’NEIRO’.

With superyachts extending to her left and forward, O’PARI 3 was unquestionably holding court at the Mediterranean Yacht Show 2016.

After being warmly greeted by her large and experienced crew, the team at YachtCharterFleet stepped on board to familiarise themselves with Greece’s most talked about export.

Entering the main salon from the stern, the ambition of the yacht could not be more obvious- from an assortment of engaging artworks, to an abundance of comfortable Fendi furnishings to accommodate large parties with room to spare, it's clear that O’PARI 3 is a superyacht designed with the modern charterer firmly in mind.

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Stylish, yet full of substance, the artful use of onyx and marble establishes not only character but ambience; it’s not just a distinct aesthetic being introduced in the main salon, but also a welcoming impression.

The intricate and colorful paintings, for example, are seriously pleasing on the eyes, whilst the thoughtfully placed seating reveals an attention for function which underlies the entire design philosophy of Giorgio Vafiadis.

Optimising the space available in the main salon, the television which typically divides this area from the formal dining has been opened up through the addition of a retractable unit.

When guests desire some extra room, they can simply lower the screen via an ipad and essentially double up on the available space. A simple, yet incredibly effective touch.

The dining table itself is flanked by two large windows to allow plenty of natural light to spill in during the day whilst a collection of recessed lights take care of accentuating the arrangement during the evening.

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Proceeding through the interior of luxury yacht O’PARI 3 for the first time is not dissimilar to visiting a trendy cosmopolitan art gallery, and that’s because, in effect, that’s exactly what you are doing.

All commissioned by a single Greek artist, the work on show ranges through moods and materials, forms and traditions. Whilst in the first corridor guests find themselves drawn to a large pop art piece, in the gymnasium immediately to the port side, a canvas fitted with short red spikes is sure to have them doubly intrigued.

To describe the artwork as eclectic would be something of a disservice- the sheer variety on offer serves to complement the playfulness of the yacht’s broader design.

With an abundance of dedicated spaces found throughout, superyacht O’PARI 3 puts her size to incredible use

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Whilst a gym is to be expected of a superyacht larger than 70m, it’s clear that special attention has been provided to the one located on the main deck of O’PARI 3.

Due to being delivered in June of last year, the equipment in this area is completely state of the art and allows for comprehensive workouts no matter what regime the charterer may be undertaking.

Breaking up the paneling with a mirrored wall, the space also provides the illusion of being much larger than it is as well as lending itself to activities such as yoga and aerobics.

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Stepping through the foyer on the way through to a master suite at the fore, guests encounter a large nautical compass arranged in the marble flooring- an appropriate motif which recurs elsewhere with subtle variations.

What is perhaps most fetching about this particular area, however, is the figure of a man submerging himself into the wall as though it were water. Consistent with the modern flourishes found elsewhere, this feature nicely enhances the unique experience of being on board O’PARI 3.

The illuminated spiral staircase which connects all the interior guest decks is immediately to the left of this sculpture, and is even broader than might be expected of a yacht of this size.

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The first of the three master cabins on O’PARI 3 is found on the main deck, and has the attractive addition of a fixed balcony to starboard.

Finished with a neutral palette, the full-beam suite is refreshing and tastefully modern, with his and hers bathrooms decorated with impressive toffee coloured marblework.

Exuding its own distinct personality, this master cabin is the largest of the three, with the other two situated on the upper deck and aft section of the bridge deck respectively.

Ultimately, the decision to include a number of master cabins of a similar stature makes chartering with large groups consisting of various families that bit more desirable.

Combining character with a dynamic layout, O’PARI 3 is in every respect the realisation of the perfect charter yacht

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The second master suite found on the upper deck benefits from wraparound windows and doors providing convenient access to the exterior.

In this sense, guests using this suite are able to enjoy the luxury of a private terrace should they wish, or simply indulge in having such close proximity to the amenities found outdoors.

Once again, the artwork found above the bed endows the space with its own character whilst remaining compatible with the broader themes at work inside O’PARI 3.

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A more casual alternative to the main salon, the upper salon of O’PARI 3 is something of a monochrome masterpiece.

Accented by the accompaniment of engaging artwork, this communal space also includes a bar to the port side- an ideal fixture for getting some cocktails in.

Surrounded by generously sized windows, guests are able to take in ocean panoramas whilst socialising or have a movie shown on the large screen after dark.

Ultimately, just as the many master cabins offer charterers a number of choices when it comes to sleeping, the various social spaces provide a range of unique environments when it comes to spending time together.

Tastefully modern and replete with all of the necessary features, O’PARI 3 could not be better primed for luxury yacht charter vacations

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Fringed by a collection of sunpads, the Jacuzzi out on the exterior is superbly proportioned and it’s easy to imagine how complete parties could gather in style beneath the sun.

Due to being placed at the fore of the upper deck, hours can be passed taking in oceanic panoramas whilst enjoying freshly prepared drinks from the bar an arm’s length away.

In this way, the area serves as a truly luxurious observation platform for charterers to indulge when not island hopping around O’PARI 3’s cruising grounds.

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Whilst the expectations of the exterior were large, the reality was in fact much greater than the team had imagined.

Putting all of the available space to incredible use, O’PARI 3 is clearly as committed to providing options outdoors as she is indoors.

More specifically, whether it’s al fresco dining, sunbathing, or socialising, charterers have a number of dedicated spaces in which to enjoy these things.

O'PARI 3 photo 31
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Checking out the tender garage, it was blatantly obvious just how far O’PARI 3 goes to ensure that every guest has fun whilst away on charter.

Stealing the attention of the team, the new Seadogs and assortment of scuba gear got the twice over, with the consensus that the collection could not be better suited to Greece.

What’s more, due to the strength of the yachting infrastructure Greece, any desired toys can be acquired with sufficient notice.

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Featuring a fixed rather than retractable swim platform, guests on board O’PARI 3 have convenient access to the extraordinary range of tenders and toys on offer as well as plenty of space to dry off in the sun.

Stepping through to the beach club, however, opens up an entire world of possibilities.

Perfectly symmetrical, this communal area includes sofa seating on either side with a wet bar just a short distance away- just the thing to return to after being out on the water for a few hours.

Due to the tenders being stored amidships, this area is much larger than might be expected, and the designers have taken advantage of the greater square footing to include spa facilities further towards the fore of O’PARI 3

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Contributing to the other wellness aspects of O’PARI 3, both the massage parlour and steam room provide charterers the opportunity to totally unwind.

Whilst such amenities might be expected of such a sizable superyacht, the way they’ve been carried out is just as impressive as her other standout features.

Indeed, as dedicated spaces, they succeed purely because they have received the same amount of attention as the finer details.

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Naturally, after concluding our tour of O’PARI 3, the team’s conversation once again turned to the question: does size matter?

Whilst something of an eternal debate, O’PARI 3 certainly goes someway towards suggesting that the effective use of large spaces can lead to a charter yacht which appeals to every kind of guest.

Indeed, she is a yacht which is defined by the number of options on offer, and the consistent quality of her interior and exterior spaces.

O'PARI 3 photo 25

To find out more regarding M/Y O’PARI 3, or to make enquires surrounding her current availability, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Charter Specification

Natalina A

Golden Yachts

Interior Designer
Giorgio Vafiadis

Exterior Designer
Giorgio Vafiadis

Length235.73ft /71.85m
Beam41.99ft /12.8m
Draft11.48ft /3.5m
Gross Tonnage1700 GT
Hull MaterialSteel
Charter Guests12
Max Speed18 knots
Crusing Speed15 knots
Fuel Consumption800 LPH
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