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Why charter a Luxury Open Style Sports Yacht?

For some yachting enthusiasts, the appeal of a high performance superyacht is not a far cry from the exhilarating thrill of a sports car. With a focus on speed and comfort, a fast open charter yacht is ideal for a rampant day of cruising or those looking to cover a lot of cruising ground over a jam packed weekend at full throttle.

Although for some the appeal may be within the realms of power and propulsion, in true superyacht style the fastest yachts in the industry not only propel knots at a remarkable rate but also score highly when it comes to luxury living on the water. Fast yachts exude a sleek, sporty exterior, offering an immense appeal to those keen to take her to the water for a spin. Often styled with a beautifully modern and luxurious interior to match the striking exterior lines, a fast yacht charter offers a sense of true unabashed glamour. They do however sacrifice on board space and amenities in comparison to that of a superyacht with more interior and exterior volume that travels at a much slower pace.

With constant developments in technology and materials, with improving efficiency of aqua dynamics, sea keeping abilities and high powered water jets, superyachts are being designed to be lighter, stronger and therefore faster. Some new build performance yachts even showcase technology developed for the aerospace industry designed to eliminate vibrations for an exhilaratingly smooth ride. Although a fast yacht charter may be available for a lower cost than a larger yacht, high performance will result in higher fuel costs.

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