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Why You Should be Chartering a Yacht in 2014

By Editorial Team   2 January 2014

Banish thoughts of how wet and cold it is in most of the United States and Europe right now by casting your minds forward to the summer when you could be relaxing on a beach in Tahiti or St. Barth's on your luxury yacht charter vacation.

A luxury yacht charter vacation is exactly that - the epitome of luxury. With any destination on your doorstep, experienced crew to tend to your every need and a myriad of features to keep you entertained, there is now more reason than ever to book you summer vacation on board a yacht this year.

A number of charter yachts have special offers at the moment, many of which are holding steady. While the global economy is improving, numerous luxury charter yachts are still offering low rates similar to those of 2008 or 2009. Bargains are available everywhere, especially if you book early! Take a look at the most up-to-date charter offers here.

Not only are there great deals to be had; yachts on the charter market today are among the best ever produced, surviving the recession thanks to their hard-working crews. Professionalism in the charter industry is at it's peak.

Now is the time to explore some truly exciting and exotic destinations - Raja Ampat, Mexico and Antarctica to name but a few. These enticing destinations have been added to the cruising agendas of several megayachts this year, opening up areas that, until now, have not been so easy to explore.

Due to the recent elimination of Matriculation tax in Spain, charter yachts are expected to return to Barcelona and the Balearic Isles in force.

Uncertainty over taxes in the French Riviera has been addressed, meaning that VAT this year is no longer an unknown amount.

These are just a few reasons why you should be booking a yacht charter vacation this summer. It really is the most personalised vacation experience that money can buy and once you've done it once, you'll never look back.

Contact your yacht charter broker today to discuss your booking.

There is now more reason than ever to book you summer vacation on board a yacht this year.

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