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The sky is no longer the limit with SpaceX’s new Starlink Maritime service for yachts

By Nina Done   8 July 2022

Hot on the heels of the FCC approval for SpaceX to operate internet connectivity at sea, the company founded by Elon Musk has wasted no time rolling out their satellite service, Starlink Maritime. This will be a game-changer for superyacht owners and charterers, opening up the feasibility of long-term yacht vacations and hybrid remote working.

With industry-beating low latency and high bandwidth for significantly reduced costs, Starlink’s new maritime internet service will hugely disrupt industry leaders INMARSAT and OMNI Access, who will undoubtedly be scrambling to re-think their business models. 

What does this mean for yacht charters?

Up until now, any business conducted on a yacht has been patchy at best, or eye-wateringly expensive to guarantee a high-performance connection. For most yacht owners, charterers and guests, the yacht has been seen solely as a leisure craft, and not regarded as a serious potential base for an office.

Starlink terminal on board charter yacht
Starlink terminal on board charter yacht Private yacht ILONA

For charter guests, the service has already surpassed expectations, enabling seamless download and upload speeds, instant browsing and fast streaming. This should become commonplace on all yachts over the coming months, especially given the low outlay cost and monthly service charge, allowing guests to conduct business and pleasure as they would at home.

The new future on board yachts?

Holographic music concert
Girl uses virtual reality goggles

As with all new opportunities, there are features we don’t yet know about, but the new high-speed service will enable secondary companies to offer additional luxury feature-rich internet based services on board yachts, such as virtual reality get-togethers, streaming music concerts, holographic solutions and much more besides. 

If you need any more information regarding Starlink Maritime for superyacht charters, please contact your chosen yacht broker, who can advise you further.

Twitter credit: @elonmusk & @SpaceX


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