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The ‘Quadski’ – Exciting New Superyacht Toy

By Editorial Team   15 October 2013

The brand new GIBBS ‘Quadski’, a combination between a quad bike and a jetski, is an exciting new sports amphibian vehicle which could be the next big superyacht toy.

As demand for 'Superyacht Toys' increases, the manufacturers of  toys and tenders and Personal Watercrafts are constantly evolving to push the boundaries of fun and functionality. The GIBBS Quadski, developed and built in the U.S., the 32.m ‘Quadski’ is a new, innovative high speed amphibian (HSA) that can transition seamlessly from water to land in a matter of seconds, five to be precise.

This revolutionary design could be ideal for active charterers in the future looking to explore varied terrains straight from the water with little fuss and could also be a great addition to expedition charter yachts. Luxury yacht charters offer the ultimate in freedom and the ‘Quadski’ concept sets a new standard in flexibility and fun for personal watercraft.

Powered by a high performance BMW engine, the High Speed Amphibian reaches impressive speeds of 45mph on both land and water where previously no commercially available amphibian has been able to exceed 10 mph on the waves. This exceptional performance is enabled by GIBBS patented breakthrough technology with a jet propulsion system that not only provides unmatched speed but ensures a comfort and stability.

Whether you are looking to explore paradise islands in the South Pacific or the rugged coastline of New Zealand, the ‘Quadski’ allows guests to hop on to the water from their luxury charter yacht and head straight on to land at the press of a button as the wheels deploy.

As the GIBBS ‘Quadski is so new there are currenty no charter yachts offering this product, however as soon as one becomes available we will let you know. In the meantime use our Superyacht Toy Yacht Search to find yachts with other exciting recreational devices.

For more ideas on expedition yacht charters see our guide and contact you preferred yacht charter broker who can advise you on the most exciting itineraries and places to visit. 

This revolutionary design could be ideal for active charterers looking to explore varied terrains straight from the water.

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