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Nobiskrug launches 80m superyacht ARTEFACT

By Katia Damborsky   8 July 2019

The 80m/262ft superyacht ARTEFACT was launched by Nobiskrug in Northern Germany this morning, and is set to make her world debut at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show.

Previously known as ‘Project 760’, ARTEFACT hit the waters for the first time this morning. 

The launch has been hotly anticipated, following the first stages of development in November 2016 and two and a half years of research and development by Nobiskrug prior to that.

The motor yacht is set to be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019, where she will be making her world premiere. 

The yacht’s distinctive exterior is the work of Gregory C. Marshall, while Reymond Langton Design has headed up the interior. 

This innovative look reflects a visionary owner, who wanted to ensure his yacht met specific criteria. These include environmental responsibility, technological innovation and luxury living for those on board.

Upon delivery, the 2,990 GT Artefact is set to become the highest-volume 80-metre superyacht on the water.

The owner wanted to ensure his yacht met specific criteria, including environmental responsibility and technological innovation.

As can be seen in photos, model images and renderings, Artefact boasts an excess of state-of-the-art glazing. Around 58 tonnes of glass has been used in total, and she is believed to have the highest ratio of glass to LOA for any yacht of her size class.

“We’re not afraid of pushing the envelope, but perhaps the biggest challenge with Artefact was that she’s a very high volume yacht with a fibreglass superstructure and tremendous amount of heavy glass,” Nobiskrug’s Managing Director, Holger Kahl, has said in the past. 

To achieve the cutting-edge exterior look that the owner desired, the yacht’s superstructure is made out of GRP instead of the more traditional aluminum. The choice was made to offset the added weight from the glass. 

ARTEFACT has a sophisticated hybrid propulsion system which makes her up to 30% more efficient in the water when compared to conventional diesel propulsion yachts in her size range. 

She was built to be compliant with the latest IMO Tier III NOx regulations, with a propulsion system which relies on generators and Lithium-ion batteries.

The hybrid system reduces sound, vibration, fuel burn and emissions and offers dynamic positioning capabilities. Dynamic positioning means a yacht can hold its position without dropping anchor, thus protecting the sea floor. 

In addition, ARTEFACT is provided with 6kW of auxiliary power, thanks to 23 square metres of solar panels on the sundeck.

Model of aft deck pool and lounging area on superyacht ARTEFACT
Luxury yacht ARTEFACT glazed area on model at Monaco Yacht Show

“The set up allows us to run the yacht in a state of optimal efficiency and minimal wear and tear on the generators,” explains the yacht’s captain and owner’s representative, Aaron T. Clark. “Basically, we’re always conserving or redirecting energy, that’s the real advantage.”

While little is known about the interiors of the yacht, the layout departs from convention in pursuit of maximum stability and silent operations. The master stateroom is situated aft rather than forward, and all guest entertainment areas are located in low acceleration zones.

Captain Aaron T Clark added: “ARTEFACT is a unique vessel that marries cutting-edge engineering and striking architectural design to embody a tribute to the nuances of human experience which are often overlooked or ignored.

“Many traditional aspects of a superyacht GA’s have been challenged and reimagined in this design to create an unprecedented experience while minimizing the impact on fragile marine ecosystems.”

It is not known whether luxury yacht ARTEFACT will be available for private yacht charters.

Model rendering of M/Y ARTEFACT
Rendering of luxury yacht ARTEFACT at anchor

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