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Gibralatar’s ‘Sunborn Yacht Hotel’ - More Stationary Cruise Ship Than Private Yacht

By Editorial Team   16 August 2013

SUNBORN GIBRALTAR, a 142m/465’8 ‘yacht hotel’, is being marketed as the latest innovation for luxury vacations, but the value, privacy and exclusivity of the experience does not begin to compare with that of a luxury yacht charter.

The ‘yacht hotel’ is set to launch late 2013 from her shipyard in Malaysia to make her first and final voyage to her permanent destination in the exclusive Ocean Village Marina Gibraltar. It is being described by the company as; ‘an exclusive, purpose-built floating hotel offering a unique luxury experience in one of Europe’s most dynamic locations.’ However, with hundreds of other passengers on board, the concept seems to be little more than a stationary cruise ship.

Unlike a luxury charter yacht, in which privacy, personalised service and tailor-made itineraries are unsurpassed, guests aboard the hotel can expect to be dining, sunbathing and sharing facilities with many other people. Set over seven decks, 167 guest rooms, four executive rooms and 18 suites are on offer with rooms expected to cost between £200 and £2,000 a night.

When the costs of a two week holiday plus all other expenses of food, drink and activities are accumulated compared to that of the quality, space and comfort provided by charter yacht, the hotel pales in comparison. With a range of different types of yachts offering all manner of accommodation options for usually no more than 14 guests at a time and crew numbers that often match or exceed this, a charter yacht provides far better value for money.

Another somewhat confusing aspect to the SUNBORN GIBRALTAR is that it will never move. Attached by six strong hydraulic arms, each weighing eight tonnes, guests will enter the hotel through a fixed enclosed glass bridge and has been designed to offer the feeling of staying on dry land. The beauty of embarking on a private yacht charter is the feeling of absolute freedom at sea, cruising from one breath taking destination to another in the ultimate luxury whilst having the reassurance of privacy, flexibility and experienced crew.

The idea of the ‘yacht hotel’ was born from a demand for a new luxury hotel in Gibraltar but with no room to build one. The vessel is the second floating hotel by the company, which opened the 'Sunborn Princess' at Naantali Spa Resort in Finland in 2002 and there are plans to launch more ‘yacht hotels’ in London and Barcelona.

Travellers looking for a new and exciting vacation experience should consider all the benefits that a luxury charter yacht has to offer. For more information see our why charter guide and contact a yacht charter broker who can help you to choose the best yacht and itinerary to suit your needs.

the concept seems to be little more than a stationary cruise ship

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