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GBRMPA Decision Disappointment For Superyacht Australia

By Louise Marsh   2 July 2012

Superyacht Australia have submitted numerous requests for a review of the Plan of Management on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) agenda, but once again, this item did not made it to the table due to work pressures.

An ongoing issue for the superyacht sector, Superyacht Australia have been looking to have two amendments made:

The first, to bring about a consistent approach to the management of both private and charter yachts, similar to how other global industries are managed.

The second, to amend the Cairns and Whitsundays Plans of Management to offer more access flexibility for superyachts. The arrangements that are in place at the moment, originally developed in the late 1990's, do not consider superyacht use sufficiently. There is currently very little opportunity for superyachts over 35 meters to provide their clients with the type of luxury experience they are after.

Superyachts can provide a critical economic benefit, help to increase the reputation of a destination, support local manufacturing industries, and it can do these things with hardly any impact on the environment.

This is a massive blow to the new Queensland Government strategy of doubling tourism revenue by 2020. The delay from this decision will result in less superyachts sailing in Queensland waters as the main attraction is cruising the Great Barrier Reef.

Superyacht Australia will not let this rest, however, and are keen to discuss it with all key stakeholders to try and progress the issue.

“...the average size of a superyacht has grown over the years and the environmental performance of these vessels, in most cases, far exceeds the current operating standards of many other vessels...” Superyacht Australia Chairman Barry Jenkins

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