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Feadship celebrates milestone launch of 119m fuel cell powered Project 821

By Anna Ingles   7 May 2024

Dutch shipyard Feadship has made waves in the maritime world by launching the inaugural fuel-cell-powered luxury superyacht. Dubbed Project 821, this 389.76ft (118.8m) superyacht, crafted with the visionary design of RWD, made its grand debut from Feadship’s van Lent facility on May 4.

Project 821 stands as a monumental leap forward in sustainable yachting, harnessing liquid hydrogen stored at frigid temperatures below -253°C to fuel its onboard electricity needs.

This innovative approach supports both the superyacht's general operations and its propulsion along coastal voyages around popular yacht charter destinations. Achieving this milestone necessitated groundbreaking advancements in regulatory frameworks at various levels to ensure the safe integration of hydrogen storage and fuel-cell technology.

The aim has been to develop a new, clean technology not just for this project, but for the world.

Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Director and CEO at Royal Van Lent Shipyard, Feadship

Frontal view of Feadship Project 821 bow leaving construction yard
Frontal view looking directly at the bow of Feadship Project 821 in a construction shed

Also setting a new benchmark as the largest motor yacht ever launched in the Netherlands, surpassing previous records including the recently delivered motor yacht LAUNCHPAD with a significant increase in volume, Project 821 boasts an array of luxurious amenities that are popular with luxury charter yachts, including a unique semi-submerged Neptune lounge, a cinema, library, medical facility, and an 8.2-meter swimming pool featuring contraflow technology.

Design elements onboard have been aimed at maximizing natural light, such as an atrium encircling an elevator shaft and extensive use of floor-to-ceiling windows, to enhance the onboard experience.

Styled with a "Nikki Beach" aesthetic, the striking superyacht offers the ambiance of a secluded, multilevel seaside residence, providing accommodation for up to 30 guests across 12 versatile cabins. The interior design incorporates coastal-inspired décor with a mix of natural materials and textures.

The yacht's hull design intricately incorporates an unprecedented number of hull openings, including balconies and platforms, ideal for exploring the Mediterranean, achieving a sleek silhouette without compromising on its considerable volume.

A key challenge in the project was devising an efficient solution for storing liquid hydrogen onboard, which requires significantly more space than conventional diesel fuel.

Close up of Feadship Project 821 superstructure and windows
Aft view of Feadship Project 821 in a construction shedConstruction team of Feadship Project 821 walking on the dock alongside the superyacht

Despite its pioneering hydrogen storage system, Project 821 also anticipates future adaptations, such as the potential use of methanol for even more efficient energy storage.

Project 821 not only showcases the potential for alternative energy sources in luxury yachting but also marks a significant step towards Feadship's commitment to achieving "net zero" emissions by 2030. With its innovative power and propulsion systems, Project 821 paves the way for future developments in sustainable yachting technology.

At this time it is unknown whether Project 821 will join the fleet of Mediterranean or Caribbean yacht charters, however, if you're looking for a crewed yacht charter of a similar caliber take a look at all Feadship yacht charters, or contact your preferred yacht charter broker.


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