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Charter Yachts Welcomed To The Great Barrier Reef

By Oliver Pearson   6 June 2016

Following their annual conference last month, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority announced that superyachts are in no way responsible for coral bleaching, and are welcome to visit the iconic attraction.

A topic surrounded by a great deal of misinformation, the bleaching of coral has often and wrongly been attributed to motor yachts.

The process by which corals expel their algae and turn white due to stress, coral bleaching itself does not kill coral, but leaves groups much more vulnerable to mortality.

Now, with further research carried out by a variety of organisations, the phenomena has been explained as a consequence of warming oceans, and the recent lack of heavy monsoon activity.

Compounding the fact that superyachts are without blame in Australia, a recent report highlights that the most severely affected parts of the Great Barrier Reef are areas largely unvisited by yachts.

Outlining all of these points at the AMEX conference in Queensland last month, Simon Banks, a general manager of the Marine Park Authority, assured all in attendance that charter yachts would be more than welcome to visit The Great Barrier Reef.

A diver diving in the Great Barrier Reef

The marinas in this region will go above and beyond to ensure visiting superyachts have the best experience possible

MaryAnne Edwards, CEO, Superyacht Australia

Not only did the conference evaluate the causes of coral bleaching, but also recommended means of making the Great Barrier Reef more accessible for those on a luxury yacht charter vacation.

Unsurprisingly, the most prominent suggestion was the implementation of greater marina services, which MaryAnne Edwards, the CEO of Superyacht Australia, insisted would work in conjunction with the Marine Park Authority to guarantee an entirely memorable vacation for the reef’s visitors.

Of course, such news will be met with great excitement by charterers who enjoying filling their days with countless hours of underwater exploration.

Interestingly, similarly great efforts are being undertaken to limit coral damage in the Cayman Islands, with the government proposing to install moorings to avoid the harm of the chains dropped by at anchor superyachts.

The great barrier reef in Australia

In order to find out more regarding charters to the Great Barrier Reef, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

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